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Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH

One of the features on the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH is really a must-have feature. When you are blowing snow off your driveway in minus 30-degree weather you will want this feature. If you have ever been out blowing snow in this kind of weather, you just cannot dress warm enough to stay out there long. Your fingers and your toes are the first things to start freezing, regardless of how warm your gloves and foot ware are rated. The Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH cannot do much about your toes, but it can do something about your fingers.

Yard-man snow thrower H55LH

What we are talking about is the feature called ” Heated Handle Grips”. With this feature, your hands and fingers will stay warm no matter what the temperature. This has got to be one of the best features available on the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH.

Other features such as an electric start, folding handles, and accessories such as a snow cab will enhance your snow-blowing experience and comfort.  There is no need to manhandle this snow thrower in the direction you want to go. Simply press the trigger switch and the snow thrower will go in the direction you desire. Let the snow blower do the work with you steering with your fingertips.

Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH – Specifications:

  • 357 CC PowerMore OHV engine
  • 30-inch cleaning width
  • 6 forward, 2 reverse speeds
  • 12 inch x-treme augers
  • 12-inch impeller and 21-inch intake height
  • 16-inch by 6.5-inch x-trac snow tires

Engine: 357 CC PowerMore OHV engine winterized for a quieter and cleaner running engine

Transmission: 6 forward, 2 reverse speeds to match the snow load and your preferred pace.

Warranty: 4-year limited warranty

Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH – Features:

  • Steerable wheel drive with the click of a trigger left or right
  • Electric start with manual backup pull chord
  • 4-way chute control – up, down, and side to side
  • The poly chute will not rust dent or crack
  • Heated handle grips to keep hands warm during even the coldest days
  • Single handle control leaving one hand to manage chute direction
  • In-dash yard light for nighttime operation
  • Poly slide shoes
  • Tool-less drift cutters for deep snow
  • Folding handles to allow storage in tight spaces
  • Extra shear bolts included
  • The engine is pre-filled with oil, just fill the fuel tank and you are ready to go

Description of the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH

From single-hand controls to 12-inch augers and impeller, the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH can blow even the toughest snow drifts. Equipped with Tool-Less drift cutters, you can cut through snow drifts that are much deeper than the 21-inch intake height of this snow thrower. Six forward gears allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you as well as the snow blower depending on the amount of snow that needs clearing.

Assembly of the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH only takes minutes, the oil is already in the engine and you just need to add fuel to the fuel tank to be ready to go. The in-dash yard light will assist you at night with clearing snow on a dark driveway and sidewalk. Snow can be directed in any direction with the 4-way chute that rotates from side to side and up and down.


The Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH can be purchased at Home Hardware stores across Canada. Customers can arrange for a delivery or arrange for pickup of their snow blower and save on the cost of delivery.


Snow Cab – fits all Yard-Man models except the  380 series. It will also fit most other brands as well. The mounting hardware is included and assembled in minutes. It is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl as well as freeze and rip-resistant woven polyethylene.  The snow cab will protect operators from sub-zero wind chills and blowing snow.

Snow Cover – is ideal for customers who do not have the room to store their Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH inside. Protect your investment from the elements during the season as well as off-season. UV-treated, triple edge binding, and rot and mildew resistant, this snow cover will protect your investment for many seasons.

Safety & Operation

Always read the manual before operating the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH for the first time. Even though the engine comes with oil already installed, check the engine oil level before you start it for the first time. In fact, you should get into the habit of always checking the oil each time before you start the engine.

A good habit to form is a complete check of the snow thrower before you use it each day. Check for loose bolts and covers. Make sure that there is no frozen ice in the auger area or impeller area. Clear it if there is.  Top up the fuel tank to avoid stalling in the middle of your snow clearing for the day.

Never point the chute in the direction of another person or a car or even the house. Sharp pieces of ice or even small stones can be blown out of the snow blower, becoming high-speed projectiles which can do a lot of damage.

When you are finished for the day, clean all of the snow and ice off the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH before storing it away or covering it with the snow cover. This will help to preserve the housing for many years of use.

Always shut the engine off before trying to clear blocked snow or ice from the auger or impeller area. These are powerful machines that can do a lot of damage in a hurry if you are not careful.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual for routine maintenance including oil changes and lubrication points. Change the oil at recommended intervals, and at least once per year to maintain a clean engine that will last a lifetime. Oil changes are pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions in the manual and use the recommended oil for the Yard-Man Snow Thrower H55LH engine.




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