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MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG

The MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG is ideal for one-car and two-car wide driveways. Small enough to store in most garages, yet powerful enough to handle the snow in most driveways, this snow blower is perfect for suburbia and clearing snow. With an electric start, there is no need to pull your shoulder out while trying to start this snow thrower.

MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG

Operators can steer the snow blower with one hand while adjusting the direction of the chute with the other hand.

Whether you pick up this snow blower yourself or have it delivered it is tested and ready to go. All you need to do is check the already installed engine oil level, add fuel to the fuel tank and you are ready to go.  Set the speed of the MTDPRO Snow Thrower model  H64FG to match both your preferred walking speed as well as the depth of snow you are trying to clear. Heavy wet snow may require a slower speed to allow the snow thrower to throw the snow sufficiently without becoming bogged down in wet snow.

Drift cutters already installed will help to cut through drifts higher than the 21-inch intake height. Most people let the snow blower do the work, preferring to steer with one hand and use the forward and reverse gears to move the machine to any desired location.

MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG – Specifications:

  • 227cc PowerMore OHV engine
  • 28-inch clearing width
  • 6 forward, 2 reverse gears
  • 12-inch serrated augers
  • 12-inch impeller
  • 21-inch intake
  • 16-inch by 6.5-inch snow tires

Engine: 227cc PowerMore OHV winterized engine

Transmission: 6 forward, 2 reverse gears to match snow conditions

Warranty: 4-year limited warranty

MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FGFeatures:

  • Electric start with manual backup
  • Single-hand controls allow one hand for steering and one for operating the chute controls
  • Tool-less drift cutters
  • In-dash yard light for nighttime visibility
  • Heavy-duty slide shoes
  • 5-inch polymer chute
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Oil pre-filled in the engine

Description of the MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG

The in-dash yard light is both a tool to light your way at night while you are clearing the snow from your driveway and at the same time it is a safety light to alert others that you are nearby. Cars will be able to see you easily at night.

The heavy-duty slide shoes protect the housing of the snow thrower. They can be adjusted to adjust the scraper height of the snow you are clearing from your driveway. The polymer chute will not crack or rust and will allow you to point the snow in any direction.


The MTDPRO Snow Thrower H64FG can be purchased at The Home Depot and also at Home Hardware stores across Canada. Customers can visit the local website of these companies to find the nearest location to you. Arrangements can be made for delivery, self-delivery using Home Depot rented vans or self-pickup.


No accessories were listed for this snow blower on the MTDPRO website.

Safety & Operation

Before you start the MTDPRO Snow Thrower model  H64FG for the first time, read the manual and follow all initial starting checks as well as safety procedures. Confirm that there is sufficient oil in the engine and also fill the fuel tank for the first time with fresh fuel.

Never point the chute in the direction of people, cars, or buildings while operating the MTDPRO Snow Thrower model  H64FG. Ice pellets and stones can be thrown from the chute at high rates of speed causing damage to anything in their way.

Get into the habit before you start the MTDPRO Snow Thrower model  H64FG for the first time each day by checking the engine oil and the fuel level. Top up as required. Also, complete a check of the snow thrower for any areas that need adjustment or repair. Make sure there is no debris or ice in the auger or impeller area.

Never try to clear debris from the auger or the impeller while the engine is running. Always shut the engine off before attempting to clear ice and snow from this area.

When you are finished for the day, clean all snow and ice off the housing and from the auger and impeller area. This will prolong the life of your snow thrower for many years by protecting the housing from corrosion.


Again check the manual for all recommended maintenance procedures and timing. Change the oil as needed and recommended in the manual. As a minimum change the oil once per year to prolong the life of your engine. Repair all loose and broken items immediately to avoid further damage. Replace all shear bolts as soon as they break.




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