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White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW

The White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW clears a wide swath of snow with its 33 inch width augers and the tool-less snow drift cutters. At 357 cc’s it has the power to clear the snow from your driveway no matter how big the snow drifts are.  The 16 inch augers and the 16 inch impeller provide the two stage action to blow all of the snow well away from your driveway or sidewalk.

White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSWCombined with a 6 speed transmission, you can set the speed that is comfortable for walking behind as well as for the snow load that you are experiencing.  Operators can select high speed for transport between locations or between driveways if you are doing more than one. You can also gear down to 1st gear for particularly heavy loads or deep snow that takes a bit more power to chew up and blow away.

The tires are 16 inches by 6.5 inches and when combined with chains will have the traction to move around on ice and snow with no traction issues at all. Heavier machines can be more difficult to maneuver, so you will want to take advantage of the steerable wheel drive feature that provides effortless turning capability.

White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW – Specifications:

  • 357 cc Powermate OHV engine
  • 33 inch clearing width
  • 16 inch xtreme augers
  • 16 inch by 6.5 x-trac tires

Engine: 357 cc Powermate OHV engine for long engine life and premium performance

Transmission: self propelled with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty


  • Electric starter to ease your job on cold days
  • Steerable wheel drive providing effortless turning and maneuvering
  • Clutch lock down feature for easy operation
  • Removable tilting chute
  • Tool less drift cutters
  • Heavy duty skid shoes
  • Heavy duty large frame construction
  • Dual halogen yard lights
  • Folding handles for easy storage

Description of the White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW

This White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW comes with a number of features that make this snow thrower a pleasure to use even in difficult or deep snow conditions. From tool less drift cutters, to heavy duty skid shoes and a heavy duty large frame, this snow thrower will make the difference for you when blowing snow.

The heavy duty skid shoes can be adjusted to the conditions you have in your yard, Set them higher if you are blowing snow on gravel. Operators will also appreciate the dual halogen lights which are great for night time snow clearing. When it comes time to store the White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW, the handles fold to allow you to fit the snow blower into tighter spaces.

There are two accessories that will be interesting to operators. The snow cab protects you from the wind and blowing snow. Clear vinyl fitting over the handles protects the upper body and keeps the snow and wind from your head and chest area. Add the snow thrower cover to protect your snow thrower in the winter as well as the summer time. Keeping the snow thrower protected from the elements will prolong the life of this unit.


This White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW can be purchased at a number of dealers across Canada and the northern US. Dealers include Lowes and Rona as well as a number of independent dealers. Delivery can be arranged for a price or can be negotiated as part of the price of the snow thrower. Of course, it is cheaper if you can use your own trailer to pick up the White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW at the local store.


There are two accessories for the White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW

Snow cab – excellent for blowing snow in windy weather were you need protection from the wind and the snow that gets blown back at you. Fits on to the handles to protect the upper body on three sides.

Snow Thrower Cover – if you cannot store your White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW inside, why not consider the snow thrower cover accessory to protect your investment. Protects your snow blower form the elements all year long.

Online Reviews: We did not see any reviews on the company’s web site. Feel free to add yours to this post to help other consumers in Canada and the US.

Safety & Operation

This is one of the areas that many people do not pay much attention to. Yet these are dangerous machines when in the hands of careless operators. Always shut the machine off if it is left unattended or if you need to do any maintenance or clear the augers of ice or snow to avoid hands and arms getting caught . Wear tight fitting clothes and do not wear long hanging scarves when operating the White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW.

Snow can be blown a good distance and pieces of ice or small stones will go even further. Always point the chute away from people, buildings or cars. You want to avoid accidental damage to persons or objects in the path of the blown snow.

Consumers will also appreciate that the White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW should not be operated at a high rate of speed in conditions were you can hit a car or some other object. Finally make sure you review all of the manual prior to operating for the first time. Always check the oil in the engine and top up as required prior to starting.

White Outdoor Snow Blowers 12533LSW – Maintenance

The White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW should be kept covered at all times to avoid weathering and deterioration. Change the oil on a regular basis following the directions in the manual.  Change the oil at least once per year or more often depending on usage of the snow thrower.  Heavy users of the snow thrower may need to change the oil in the engine once per month or even more often.

Always shut the engine off prior to doing any inspection or maintenance of the White Outdoor Snow Blower 12533LSW.


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