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White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575

The White Outdoor Snow Thrower model  H9575 has the power and the width of cut to make short work of any snow drift you can throw at it. All of the features included on this snow thrower are designed with the home owner in mind. From White Outdoor snow thrower H9575the folding handles to the head lights, this machine has what you need. If you need to store the White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575 outside, there is an optional snow cover that will protect your investment from the elements winter and summer.

If you receive a lot of snow and have windy days why not consider the optional snow cab that provides three way protection from the wind and the blowing snow. It is amazing how much difference a snow cab can make to your overall comfort when blowing snow with any snow blower including the White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575.

Features such as electric start and trigger control allows you to start the snow thrower with the press of a button and steer with the press of a trigger. No need to try to man handle this snow blower, anyone can drive this powerful snow thrower while clearing your driveway and sidewalks.

The White Outdoor snow thrower H9575 is ready to go with oil already in the engine. All you need to do is add fuel and you are ready to go.

White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575 – Specifications

  • 357 cc PowerMore OHV winterized engine
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse gears
  • 30 inch clearing width
  • 16 inch extreme augers
  • sixteen inch impeller with a 22 inch intake height
  • 16 inch by 6.5 inch x-trac snow tires

Engine: 357 cc PowerMore OHV winterized engine runs quieter and cleaner

Transmission: 6 forward and 2 reverse gears

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty


  • A click of a trigger steers the snow blower left or right
  • Electric start, with a manual backup included
  • Remote chute and crank to blow snow in the desired direction
  • Poly chute that will not rust or crack
  • Dual augers each with their own shear bolt
  • Dual light in the handle to provide light while blowing snow in the dark
  • Heavy duty slide shoes
  • Tool-less drift cutters to cut through deep snow
  • Folding handles for easy storage when not in use
  • Extra shear bolts not included
  • Oil pre-filled engine, all you need to do is gas up

Description of the White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575

White Outdoor has thought just about everything you will need. We have already mentioned the snow cab and the snow cover, extra shear bolts, electric start and trigger steering. Add folding handles to allow storage in tight places, headlights for nighttime operation and poly chutes that do not rust and do not break from the cold. The White Outdoor snow thrower H9575 is a snow thrower that will satisfy even the most tough environments. Cut through high snow banks and blow the snow far away from your driveway.

Delivery : The White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575 can be purchased in Canada at any of the RONA and Reno Depot hardware and lumber stores . Customers can see these snow blowers along with other models at any of these stores and can also arrange for pickup or delivery.


Snow Cover – If you need to leave your White Outdoor Snow Thrower H9575 outside instead of storing it inside your garage, the snow cover provides great weather protection and off season storage. Made of rip stop woven polyethylene technology, that has been UV treated and comes with a drawstring to keep it securely in place.

Snow Cab – comes with a universal fitting to fit many other brands as well as this snow thrower model. Provides protection from blowing wind and snow  during stormy days when you have to get out there to clear the driveway. All mounting hardware is included and it assembles in just a few minutes

Safety & Operation

Read the manual and follow all of the safety and operating guidelines that are outlined in the manual. Before you operate the White Outdoor snow thrower H9575 each time always check the oil in the engine to make sure that it is at the appropriate level. Top up as required. Fill the fuel tank as well to ensure that you will not run out of fuel while blowing snow.

Always do a quick check of all parts of the snow thrower to confirm that there are no loose parts. Check for broken shear bolts and ice frozen around the augers or the impeller. Break away this ice prior to starting the snow thrower.  Repair anything that needs repair prior to stating the snow thrower.

When you complete snow blowing for the day and prior to storage, always clean all loose snow and ice off of the machine. This avoids melting snow and salt gradually corroding the frame of the snow blower over time. Cover the snow thrower or store inside after use.

When you are blowing snow, point the chute away from people, cars and homes. Ice pellets can hurt and damage surfaces when they are flung out of the snow blowers chute with projectile like force.


Maintenance of the White Outdoor snow thrower H9575 is straight forward. Keep it clean and dry between uses. Change the oil at the recommended intervals outlined in the manual. Or at least once per season to protect the engine from dirt and grime build up in the old engine oil.

Check the tires to make sure they are always properly inflated. Check the shear bolts to make sure they are always in place. Lubricate all areas as outlined in the manual.

If you need to have major work completed on your snow blower, arrange for a pickup and repair at a local small engine repair shop. Most people can perform basic maintenance on their snow blowers. However you may want to talk to an expert first to determine what is involved.

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