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Snowthrower Features that Matter

features that matterManufacturers are adding more and more features to snowthrowers to compete and also justify their prices. However, there are some basic features that consumers find are must haves. They will make their job of clearing snow from their driveways just a little bit easier. Everyone places different priorities on these features that matter. These priorities are based on their own likes and dislikes. Prioritize them and go shopping for what makes sense based on where you live. Also take into account the amount of snow you receive every year. For example, tire chains are not included on the list. However if you have a steep slope to clear, tire chains could be very important.  Select the features that make the most sense for your situation. Our research shows that the following snowthrower features that matter are what consumers like the most:

  • Multi Speed
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Chute Control
  • Headlight for Night Time Operation
  • Accelerator
  • Electric Starter
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Handgrips that are Heated
  • Easy Storage
  • Sufficient Power
  • Easy Maintenance

Snowthrower Features that Matter

Multi Speed – allows you to slow the forward speed down in heavy snow and speed it up for lighter snow conditions as well as transporting from one location to another.

Single Hand Operation – allows you to control the forward speed and engage the auger at the same time while adjusting the direction your blowing snow by adjusting the chute.

Chute Control – the minimum is a crank that allows you to turn the chute in the direction you want to blow the snow. Some controls offer height adjustment as well, although these appear to be more difficult to control.

Headlight for Night Time Operation – in most urban areas there is more than sufficient light to blow snow at night. But a headlight provides safety as well allowing cars to easily see you on the side of the road with the headlight in operation.

Accelerator – adjusts the power levels for whatever conditions you are dealing with.

Electric Starter – makes starting your snow blower very easy. Some can be more difficult to start manually especially when the engine is still cold.

Easy Maneuverability – included on most larger machines, these controls allow you to lock one wheel or the other to turn the machine in the direction you want to go. Turning a snowthrower can be difficult if you are on pavement.

Handgrips that are Heated – this is a nice to have feature especially if you are blowing snow in really cold weather. The first thing to get cold is the finger tips and this feature is much appreciated by many consumers.

Easy Storage – always consider where you will store your snowthrower and whether you have sufficient room

Sufficient Power – more powerful machines will make a faster job of clearing snow and often have more features such as the heated grips and easier maneuverability. Having used both large and small machines, the writer much prefers a 28 inch or larger width snow thrower.

Easy Maintenance – in most cases maintenance consists of changing the oil, lubricating the chute and auger, checking the spark plug and belts. Decide if you are comfortable with these small jobs or will need a maintenance plan.


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