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Does Snowblower Size Matter

Does Snowblower Size MatterThe answer to the question, does snowblower size matter, is not really for most people. If you have a single car width driveway or even one that is two car widths wide, it really will not take long to clear the snow. Unless you have a really long driveway, then 10 minutes of snow blowing and your done, even with a smaller 24 inch wide machine.  You may need 5 to 10 passes depending on the width of the driveway and your done.

There are a number of other factors that some people may want to consider before making a decision to purchase a 24 inch wide snowblower or a 28 inch or even wider machine. One of the significant issues for many people is where will they store the snowblower. A big machine takes a lot of room in your garage. If you only have a single car garage, you may not even get  your car in the garage with the lawn mower and the snowblower taking up a lot of room,

Other Factors about Does Snowblower Size Matter

Long driveways will take longer to clear with a small snow blower. If time is not a factor for you then no worries about a small machine from this perspective.

Larger snow blowers, 28 inch and larger are heavier and come with more powerful engines. They tend to slip less on the ice and snow and they have the power to chop through snow drifts and blow it further. It might still only take ten minutes, but you struggle a lot less with heavy snow.

Consider the snow that the snow plow dumps in your driveway. This is hard packed and sometimes with chunks of ice mixed in. A stronger more powerful snow blower will deal with this snow much easier than the smaller ones. Power, weight and size do matter in these conditions.

Having operated both a 24 inch and a 28 inch snowblower with a 2 car width driveway that is 2 car lengths long, I can tell you that I am much happier with the larger machine. The extra power that comes with the extra weight makes a huge difference in heavy wet snow conditions.

For more thoughts on snow blower features and what you should consider when purchasing a snow blower, click here.




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