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SnowBlower Features that Matter

features that matterThousands of snowblowers are purchased every year and consumers have a variety of priorities about the features they feel they need in a snowthrowing machine. Our web site team has completed some research to come up with the popular snowblower features that matter to most consumers. We also provide a description of each and why they feel this feature was important to them. If you are looking for a snowblower, add these items to your check list of features that may be important to you. Obviously price is important but sometimes it does not make sense to forgo these features. You are going to be using this snowblower for many years, so make sure it is what you want and are comfortable operating it.

SnowBlower Features that Matter

  • Airless Tires
  • Easy turn controls
  • Heated Handgrips
  • Electric Starter
  • Engine Speed control
  • Headlight
  • Controls for Chute direction
  • Multi Speed Forward and Reverse
  • Single Hand Operation

Airless Tires – more and more companies are offering this feature. No flat tires to repair and soft tires to fill with air.

Easy turn controls – allows the operator to steer the machine with the press of a button or lever. Wresting a heavy machine can be difficult to do in snow conditions.

Heated Hand grips – keep your fingers warm particularly in extremely cold weather. It is the fingers even in heavy duty gloves that are the first thing to get cold.

Electric Starter – makes it much easier to start the engine, especially when they are cold and sometimes difficult to start with a pull chord.

Engine Speed control – adjusting the engine speed is another way of controlling the ground speed and the snow throwing distance.

Headlight – provides safety at night as well as lights your way along the edge of roads and sidewalks.

Controls for Chute direction – Ensure that the controls for setting the direction the snow is thrown are easy to use and easily available to the operator. Some machines will also have controls to adjust the height of the snow throwing chute as well.

Multi Speed Forward and Reverse – multiple speeds in both directions allow you to adjust the speed to coincide with the ground conditions, the density of the snow etc. High speed for light snow and ground transfer, slow speed for heavy snow clearing makes removing the snow much easier.

Single Hand Operation – is also useful when you need to steer with one hand and adjust the throttle engine speed or adjust the chute direction at the same time, without having to stop forward motion.


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