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Snowblower tire chains scratch paver driveway

Snowblower tire chainsNever use Snowblower tire chains on a driveway that has interlocking stone installed on it. The tire chains on a snowblower, car or truck will scratch the driveway for sure. In addition if you are using a snow clearing service, make sure they use a Teflon blade. A teflon blade will avoid scratching the driveway. If your snow clearing company cannot provide this service, or will not talk about it, or worse gloss over it, then try another company. Once your driveway is damaged, the only way to correct the damage is to replace the stones on your driveway, which can be very expensive.

Snowblower tire chains – Avoiding the Issue

Many companies offer this service at no extra cost however you will need to specify this in your contract. If you plan to clear your own snow from your driveway and have tire chains, remove them and only rely on the rubber tires. Although your snow blower may slip a bit it is much better than scratching your pavers with tire chains. In addition, Teflon skid shoes can be purchased for your snow blower. These skid shoes go on the bottom of the housing which comes in contact with your driveway. They will not mark your driveway and only cost a few dollars to purchase. Most people can install their own skid shoes.

Consumers should also remember that snow plow operators do not want to have any problems with their customers and certainly not cause any damage that they would be responsible for. Make sure that your requirements are always clear and written down in the contract to ensure that both parties are clear about the requirements. This way there is no room for any misunderstandings. Also check in with neighbors or previous customers who have used this service in the past to confirm service levels and general satisfaction levels.

For more about using tire chains on your snow blower, click here.

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