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Snow Thrower for Flat Rubber Roof

Snow Thrower for Flat Rubber RoofLet’s start this post by saying we do not recommend the approach shown in this picture on the left. We do not know how he got the snow blower onto the roof. We certainly cannot suggest that consumers even remotely think about this type of solution to get the snow off their roofs.  There is no such thing as a Snow Thrower for a Flat Rubber Roof. This looks like a flat roof. That usually means it has a rubber membrane to seal the roof or perhaps a tar-based membrane. Either way, the amount of damage that can be done to the roof by using a snow blower on the roof is huge. Gauging holes in the roof, and scraping some of the shingles and tar or rubber of the roof is just the beginning.

Snow Thrower for Flat Rubber Roof – Damages

Using any heavy equipment that can scrape shingles or tear a hole in the roof is just something you do not want to do. Any tear in the fabric allows moisture to enter the roof structure. Then into the building below, in this case, the house. If this is a flat roof, then the water from the snow when it melts is just going to pour through this hole and into the home.

Water damage spreads quickly, especially if it is a large leak. If it is a large leak then at least it will be noticed right away since the water will just pour in. If it is a small leak then the water will drip in. It will spread slowly causing mold and damage to the insulation, the structure, and the drywall. This can lead to thousands of dollars in damages.

There is also a safety issue. Suppose you get too close to the edge. Both the operator and the snow blower could fall off the roof causing further damage. In addition, some roofs have weak points that a heavy snow blower could fall through.

We strongly advise that the snow should be shoveled off the roof. Never use a snow blower on any roof! A roof is built to handle the snow load. Not a concentrated heavy load like a person and a snow blower.

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