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Snow Thrower for Flat Roof

Snow Thrower for Flat RoofIs there such a thing as a safe snow thrower for a flat roof? We do not think so. We certainly do not recommend the approach this homeowner is taking to clear snow off his roof. It is simply too dangerous on a number of levels to warrant taking the chance on using a snow thrower on your roof. We also wonder how he got it up there in the first place. We will not even speculate since that might give readers the idea. Even though there are risks, they might try it instead of using an old fashion shovel to remove the snow from their flat roofs.

Snow Thrower for Flat Roof – Issues to Consider

First of all, there is the inherent challenge to raise a heavy snow thrower up to the roof. You could damage the building and may hurt someone. Sure you could probably figure out how to do it safely, but is it really worth the effort given the following issues?

Consumers must also avoid getting too close to the edge of the roof. It is a long way down and once the snow thrower goes over the edge even with one tire. There is no way the operator can hold onto it and prevent it from falling.

The tires and the scraper on the snow thrower can potentially damage the shingles. Or the rubber membrane that is found on flat roofs. If a hole is punched in the membrane, water leaks are going to take place for sure and cause a lot more damage. At the very least, shingles will crack. They may even break off causing long-term damage and shortening the life span of the roof.

Not all roofs are designed the same. Some can support a great deal of weight in terms of snow load and one person walking on the roof. Add a heavy snow thrower to the roof and there is no telling what will happen.

We strongly suggest that the snow should be shoveled off the roof taking care to avoid damaging the roof in any way.

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