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Flat Roof Snow Removal

Flat Roof Snow RemovalThis is not exactly a flat roof and this is definitely not the way to remove snow from a roof. The probability of damaging this roof with the backhoe is extremely high. It is almost a given that it will happen. All it takes is one accidental brush with the bucket and the shingles are broken allowing water to penetrate the spring causing a great deal more damage from water leakage. Flat Roof Snow Removal is very risky. And that is assuming that the operator is extremely careful and does not make any major mistakes. He could actually put the bucket right through the roof if he pulls a lever the wrong way!

Flat Roof Snow Removal – The Way to Do It

The only way to remove snow from a roof is to shovel it off by hand to ensure that no damage is done to the shingles. In cold weather, the shingles are brittle and will crack easily. Even if you are using a shovel and walking on the roof, it is better to leave a couple of inches of snow on the roof to protect the shingles and avoid any damage to the shingles which could lead to further water damage from leaks.

Flat roof snow removal will take more work since the snow will not slide easily off the roof. Nevertheless, if the snow load is too great, someone will need to get up on the roof to remove the snow.

Some consumers will also use a snow rake to clear snow off their roofs. This is a shovel with a long pole attached. The shovel is vertical to the roof allowing it to be pulling snow ahead of it off the roof. This type of snow removal can be accomplished from ground level with no danger to the person removing snow. There is also no danger of damaging shingles as well since no one is walking across the roof. A snow rake can also be used on flat roofs to reduce the amount of foot traffic on the roof. Avoid collapsed roofs and remove much of the snow to reduce the weight on your roof.

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