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Oil change on a Snow Blower

oil change on a snow blowerThe oil in all small engines, including snowblowers should be changed at least once per year and more often if The snowblower is used on a regular basis. Follow the instructions that are included in your manual for the frequency of a Oil change on a Snow Blower engine.

Always check the level of oil in your engine by checking the dipstick. Make sure the snowblower is on level ground, pull up the dipstick wipe it clean with a cloth and put the dipstick back in completely. Wait for 10 seconds and then pull out the dipstick and confirm that the level of oil in the engine is at the correct level. At the same time assess the color of the oil to determine if it should be changed. A light yellow brown looking oil is in good condition while a thick black oil is in very bad condition. You should change your oil in your snow blower a long time before it turns black.

Oil change on a Snow Blower – Owners Manual

Review the owner’s manual for instructions on how to change the oil. Make sure the engine is turned off and remove the oil plug to drain the used oil into a receptacle. I sometimes find that a short piece of garden hose attached to the oil drain serves to make sure that the oil drains properly and easily into a receptacle.

Once all of the oil has been drained, replace the drain plug. Then tighten the plug so that it is sealed properly. Refill the engine with the proper amount of the recommended oil as per your manual. Inspect for leaks around the drain plug and be sure that it’s tight. Once the oil is at the proper level, restart the engine. Let it run for three or four minutes and then turn it off. Recheck the level of oil in the engine as previously mentioned. Top up as necessary or remove if needed.

This job can easily be done in less than 30 minutes. It is something that most do it yourself handyman can do around the home. You can dispose of the old oil by taking it in a proper container to most recycle facilities.

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