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Snow Removal Methods

Snow Removal MethodsWhat snow removal methods will you use this year? The picture on the left is a bit extreme! Obviously you will not be using these jet engines to clear snow off your driveway, but it is important to have a discussion about what method will be used and whether it will harm your driveway or not. For example if you have a brand new interlocking brick driveway, do you really want someone with a steel blade clearing snow off your driveway? Perhaps one with a Teflon blade would be better and will not harm your driveway. Where do you want the snow placed when it is removed? Will they dig up the grass in the process and damage your lawn. How do they mark the ends of the driveway or other important items that you do not want damaged?

These are all questions to take into account when you are discussing snow removal methods with your contractor. Do you want the steps cleared of snow? How often should they clear snow and when will they clear snow given snow falls, the routine of the city plows and your need to get out to go to work.

Snow Removal Methods – Do it Yourself

Clearing the snow yourself is probably the safest method in terms of protecting your driveway. After all you will take more care and time to make sure the job is done right. Still concern about the driveway and scraping it with the snow blower is a concern to be watched for. Then there are the health issues of people shoveling snow and dropping dead in the process. Take this aspect into account when you are making a decision to do it yourself or hire somebody to do the work for you. Buying a snow blower might be a better answer vs. shoveling snow.

Snow Removal Methods – hire a Contractor

When you hire a contractor, there are lots of things to discuss. Check on what equipment will be used and what damage could be done to your driveway. Also discuss how often the snow will be cleared. How much snow will need to fall before they will come to your home? Ask whether they will clear the steps or not. Many homeowners will save themselves a little money by clearing the snow off the steps with their own shovel. But this is something that can be arranged to be completed on your behalf as well.

We find that a tractor mounted snow blower with Teflon coated blades will do the best job and it will generally not damage or scratch your driveway. This is a discussion that you must have with the operator and it must also be clearly written into the contract as well to provide you with protection should there be any problems.

Another item to consider is getting some of your neighbors together and negotiating a common price. It is better for the snow removal contractor since he gets more work in one area and does not have as much travel time so he saves money. Sometimes they will pass along some of these savings and provide a better price for snow clearing services.

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