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Snow Removal CompanyAugust and September is the time to lock in a snow removal company contract. While we are thinking of the end of summer and the coming fall, it might be a good time to lock in a contract for snow removal at a pre-season price. Many companies are still focused on summertime activities such as landscaping and lawn care. But they will have someone answering the phones who can set up contracts and negotiate the best deal. Whether you need driveway snow removal, steps cleared or even your roof cleared of snow. You might include these items in your contract.

If you are considering clearing your own snow, especially off the roof, you may want to reconsider this activity. It is very dangerous for a number of reasons to clear your own snow from driveways and roofs. Many consumers fall off their roof every year while clearing snow. They may be using the wrong type of boots and do not have the proper grip, they may not take sufficient safety procedures and they may have a heart attack while shoveling snow. Thousands of consumers suffer heart attacks every year. Because they have been a couch potato all year and then start shoveling snow. Too much exertion that their hearts cannot withstand and they get into trouble! Hire a contractor and reduce the risk!

Snow Removal Company – Contract

And you should have a contract rather than just an understanding. Even if your neighbor is the one clearing snow, your expectations should be written down and he should be reviewing and signing off on what will be done and importantly what will not be done. The larger snow removal companies will have proper contracts, but the message is still the same.

If the service is not on the contract, there is a pretty good chance that the service you are looking for will not be provided. You may want to add it as a service sometime later on If so you can be sure that it is going to cost extra money for that portion that was not included in your contract. Don’t make assumptions. Specify what it is you are looking for. Discuss it with the snow removal company and make sure that this service you need is included in the price.

Snow Removal Company – Payments

Payments for services rendered is a good approach. But most companies are afraid of nonpayment after having the services provided. A compromise is often a good approach. Perhaps 10% down, nonrefundable to show good intent, 45% at the beginning of the season. The remainder halfway through the contract. This protects both parties and if there is a disagreement, the homeowner has at least a method of getting the companies attention. Payment upfront for the entire season is definitely not a recommended approach. All of the risks are on the homeowners’ side and there have just been too many issues with companies not providing what the homeowner thought they had agreed to.

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