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Snow Removal Procedures

Snow Removal ProceduresThe details of your contract will layout the Snow Removal Procedures that you can expect and will be followed by the contractor when they are clearing snow from your driveway. If the contractor is indicating that there is no contract, you should probably be suspicious. Unless you really trust this person. The contract spells out the amount that will be paid. When it will be paid if there are progress payments. Also the timing of snow clearing. How much snow must fall before they will clear your driveway? How they will handle returns if the city snow plow clears the street after your driveway has been cleared? You may also have special requirements as well such as Teflon coated blades that will not scratch your driveway or damage your interlocking stones.

If you have stone edges along your driveway as a border, you definitely do not want these damaged as well. Make sure that these special instructions are included in your contract. These details are important for you to understand. Also managing your expectations with respect to clearing the snow by the contractor. This is not rocket science. However, it is amazing how contractors can do something different than what you were expecting. Unless it is spelled out in a contract and discussed with them.

Snow Removal Procedures – How Much Snow Must Fall

This can be a key concern for many home owners. Your contract will specify how much snow must fall before the snow plow contractor will come to clear your driveway. It must also specify who provides the information. Most will rely on local weather. This might mean you could get more than the minimum in your immediate area while the rest of the city does not get any snow. We suggest you pay attention to how much snow must fall and how it will be determined or measured. If an inch must fall based on the local weather report and you get drifting that fills your driveway, what are you going to do? Call them and pay extra? Shovel it yourself or just leave it and hope it snows enough so that they will come to clear your driveway of snow.

Snow Removal Procedures – What About the City Plows

We have all been very frustrated when we have just had our driveway cleared. Only to have the city snow plow clear the street an hour later leaving a large amount of snow at the end of the driveway. Will your contractor return and how soon will he be back. This could be important if you still need to get your car out of the driveway in order to get to work or an appointment. With heavy snows, the city plows can leave a large amount of snow at the end of your driveway. Which can be a lot of work to clear unless your contractor is coming back to clear it for you.

Focus on the details of your contractor contract and ask all of the what-if questions to determine your understanding and to determine if the contract requires adjustment.

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