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Snow Plowing Flyers

Snow Plowing FlyersThis cartoon is kind of funny and could be on a snow plowing flyer you might receive at your home or office. No one wants to be late for the office or have the kids miss their bus in the morning and be late for school. But if there is a large snowfall and the city plows have piled the snow at the end of your driveway, what are you going to do. If you have your own snow blower, it means that you need to get outside and clear the driveway before you go to work. Or do you call the phone number on one of those Snow Plowing Flyers you receive in the mail?

It means getting up 20 minutes earlier and clearing the snow. Also hoping that the city snow plow does not come along just after you have cleaned your driveway of snow. Also, you may smell from the fumes of the snow blower. So you may have to have a shower before you get dressed and go to work.

Snow Plowing Flyers Make Promises

The city plows may still fill your driveway with snow just before you leave for work. At least you can have something written into your contract to cover this situation. It should specify your driveway is to be cleared before 7 AM so that you can get out to work and the kids off to school on time.

If you decide to follow-up on a flyer that appears in your mailbox, also check with neighbors to determine who they have used. Are they reliable? Ask the contractor for recommendations and follow-up with his customers to ensure they are satisfied. You may also want to ask for several quotes. It helps to confirm you are paying a reasonable price for the clearing of snow from driveway, steps and walk ways.

If you require specific services, make sure they are in the contract. You do not want to miss anything. Or get a surprise when some service you were expecting is not delivered even though you had discussed it. If it is not on the contract, then you probably will not receive the service unless you are very fortunate.

Neighbor Snow Clearing

Our neighbors have used a snow clearing service for the past few years. They have received several competitive offers from a variety of companies this year. They were wondering if they should change for the sake of a lower offer. We suggested that if they are happy with the service, you should probably stick with their current provider. If they are concerned about the price, they can always try negotiating a better price. But in the end, you have to be prepared for them to say that their price is what it is. The worst that can happen is that they say no. While a positive answer can mean more service or a better price or both.

Use the snow plow flyers to compare prices. Make your decision regarding which is the best deal for your snow plowing needs.

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