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North Dakota Snow Blower Clearing

North Dakota Snow Blower ClearingThis post is about North Dakota Snow Blower Clearing. Our web site normally focuses on snow blowers and reviews of them. We try to give our readers a summarized view of all of the snow blowers on the market so they can come to one place and see the various types of snow blowers. This post and the one before it is a departure for only two posts, because we were just amazed by the pictures and the amount of snow involved, the machines that are needed and the impact it has on peoples homes. In some areas of the country were they receive a lot of snow, they have to find significant ways to deal with the snow like this large snow blower above. Homeowners must be ever vigilant about the snow load on their roofs and regularly remove snow to avoid collapse.

North Dakota Snow Blower Clearing

We hope you enjoy these pictures that we found on the net. The snow blower on the right is needed to clear roads like the one on the picture below. Can you imagine having to spend your day blowing snow from a road when the

North Dakota Snow Blower Clearingsnow banks are higher than your machine and you are already sitting over 15 feet in the air atop your massive snow blower. Of course there is always the danger as well of hitting a car that has the unfortunate luck to be buried in the snow long this road.

With snow banks like these, it will not take much for this road to be filled in once again. Not even a small storm will be needed. Just some blowing wind will fill this road in within a matter of hours.

North Dakota Snow Blower ClearingThe finished road is shown on the right with a car driving down it. A nice sun shiny day somewhere in the middle of north Dakota in the winter time along a road that was only recently opened!

This was obviously taken in the country, however homes in North Dakota had to endure the huge amounts of snow as well.

Snow Weight on Your Roof

The next two pictures show the impacts of snow and some of the dangers of huge snow falls as well. This man had to get up on the roof to clear the snow off his roof or

risk his roof caving in onto of him some night. That is a lot of snow and there were probably many roofs that caved in.

Once you get the snow off the roof , it builds up along the doors and windows. This creates another danger. That is the weight of the snow against the glass causing the windows to break. There is another concern as well. For example when the snow begins to melt, the water has to go some where and you really should get the snow away from your house,

especially from anywhere that the water could penetrate into your home on the main floor or in the basement.

The picture on the right shows how much snow has built up around the house and against the windows.

What a pile of snow! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the comments. Feel free to add your comments about the snow in your area of the world!

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  1. Wow lots of snow,glad I do not live there

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