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Snow Clearing in North Dakota

The winter in North Dakota was unbelievable this year in 2011 and the pictures Snow Clearing in North Dakotawe came across that we found on the web that were freely circulating are just unbelievable. Snow Clearing in North Dakota can be much more challenging than many other locations.

This picture  shows a women in her hot tub with mountains of snow around her. Imagine the work they had to do just to get this picture! The hot water from the hot tub would help to melt the snow, but whoever had to do the shoveling had a lot of work to do. This is a picture to remember and we are sure that they will have this one on display for many years to remember the great snow storms of the winter of 2011.

Snow Clearing in North Dakota

Snow like this takes huge snow blowers as well, which is the subject of the next

Snow Clearing in North Dakotapicture. This is truly a huge snow blower that is only used for heavy snow falls in mid winter when no other machine can deal with all of the snow. If you live in the southern US or even southern Canada, you might not ever see one of these machines at work. Hopefully you will not have to see one. In the mountains or in the mid west where they receive a lot of snow there is a good chance you will see snow that requires one of these machines.

These snow blowers are only meant for serious extreme snow conditions and that is why we included these pictures on our web site!

Snow Clearing in North Dakota

Which leads to the next picture. This is the kind of situation that requires

Snow Clearing in North Dakotathese kinds of snow blowers. Imagine driving in these road conditions or having to blow snow from these roads. Were is the road in the first place and are there cars buried in the snow along the road  somewhere? How does the snow blower driver even know where the road is. How does he stay on the road without ending up in the ditch. Just look at the car on the road relative to the side of the wall of snow along the road.

This road was cleared after the snow storms were over, I cannot imagine what it would be like having to exist during a snow storm in this area.

Snow on the Roof

Next picture shows a suburban home were the snow is up to the roof and has buried the home.  I sure would not want to have to shovel the

driveway in this area.  These people have to also remove snow from their roof to avoid the roof caving in. The weight of the snow on the roof can be very heavy. A roof can hold a lot of weight without caving in. But sometimes the snow becomes soaked with rain water which can happen sometimes in a warm spell. The combined weight will be too much for the roof and down it goes.  Our next post will show some more pictures of this same storm and road conditions in the North Dakotas in the winter of 2011. We will post it in 14 days so watch for it to see the next set of pictures. If nothing else, it should make you appreciate the summer time that much more!

Enjoy the summer months and get prepared for the next winter that might dump tons of snow on the Dakota’s. The rest of us can be thankful that we do not have to live with this kind of snow. For more interesting stories about unusual snow blowing conditions, click here.

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