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Really Big Snow Blowers

We thought we would do a fun post about Really Big Snow Blowers, since there seems to be a lot of interest in this type of snow machine. If you are actually looking for a large snow blower for your own application, check out the categories and select the size that you are looking for. We are reviewing as many as we can on our blog and adding more every month. Soon we will start adding more for the coming winter season, however we wanted to write this post while it is still summer time and  warm. The snow will come soon enough!

There are lots of commercial snow blowers that are really big, but we thought we would start with one that really caught our attention.Really Big Snow Blowers This guy was trying to clear snow along a road in North Dakota. the snow is almost too deep for this type of plow to move the snow. Sometimes road authorities have no choice but to go with a large commercial snow blower .

A plow cannot move the snow far enough off the road. The plow cannot move this huge wall. This one was a great picture to show just how deep the snow can get in the winter in North Dakota. However if you thought this was bad, check out the road in the next picture.

Really Big Snow Blowers – Difficult roads

This road is a virtual tunnel through the snow. The snow is so deep that you have no choice but to use a snow blower to open the road and you hope there are no cars stuck in the snow along the road. Just look at that snow. You can barely see the tops of the trees beside the road. The instant there is a little bit of wind and this road will fill in with snow in a matter of minutes . If you look closely there is a car traveling along the road towards you. The height of the walls dwarfs the car. There is also a line up of cars going in the other direction.

They seem to be waiting for something to let them through. Could be either the snow blower working to clear the road. Or more likely a spot where the road is only one lane due to the snow conditions. This is a really amazing picture. This is an extreme snow condition in the Dakotas and other areas around the mountains were they routinely get a lot of snow.

So what kind of machine do you need to clear snow off roads like this. Here are two pictures of the type of machines that are needed. The first one shows the commercial snow blower machine in profile clearing a little bit of snow along a road.

We think this was just a demonstration picture to show the machine in operation. These machines clear snow along city streets as well. They will blow the snow directly into a waiting truck.  It is left in a snow dump to melt in the spring.

Really Big Snow Blowers – Lots of Snow

The next picture shows snow clearing operations that were probably along a road like the one we showed earlier. There is just no way a car or even a big truck could get through this road until it is cleared. The snow blower machine risks getting stuck in the snow. Where is the road?

Can you imagine driving this machine in these conditions? I hope this guy has a radio or a working cell phone.  Blowing snow will quickly cover your vehicle.

If you liked this post , let us know. If you have your own pictures that you would like to send us, leave us a comment. We will try to add them to our blog. For more posts about unusual snow blowers, click here.

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  1. That road is amazing! It would take a special snow blower to clear that road

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