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Leaf Blower for Snow on Roof

Leaf Blower for Snow on RoofUsing a leaf blower for snow on roof clearing looks to this writer as an incredibly dangerous activity. These guys on the roof of this house are really taking a chance walking on a slippery icy roof. They are attempting to clear a light amount of snow from the roof. It appears that they are using a rope in an attempt at safety. However, the second individual has nothing to grab onto if the first should slip and fall. Both are going to go tumbling off the roof and land on whatever is at the bottom. This also looks like a home under construction so there are likely some sharp ragged things on the ground. This could hurt them a lot when they do land on the ground. Never try this sort of thing without a lot more security than what these guys currently have.

Leaf Blower for Snow on Roof – Does it work?

Aside from the safety issue, we are wondering if using a leaf blower to clear the snow from the roof would actually work or not. Light, non-compacted snow could possibly be blown off the roof, however, most snow goes through a compaction cycle of the sun warming the snow slightly during the day so that it melts a bit. At night when the air is colder, the snow forms a crust on top of snow. Once the crust has formed it takes much more than a leaf blower to remove any snow on a roof.

As the snow gets deeper on the roof, the snow becomes heavier as well and so really using a leaf blower to clear snow from the roof is a nonstarter. As we mentioned earlier it is also very dangerous to be on the roof anyway due to the slippery slopes. If you must clear the snow from the roof,  use a snow rake with a long pole to remove the snow. Consumers can remove the snow in this manner while remaining on the ground! Remember stay safe!

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  1. Lawn Mower Wizard Says:

    Yeah this looks pretty foolish! Is it even really necessary to remove snow in this way? Regardless, leaf blowers are certainly not the tools for the job. Having said that, I don’t have a viable safe alternative in mind, perhaps there is a business opportunity for someone there!

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