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Snow Blower for Roof

Snow Blower for RoofMany readers are looking for snow blower for roof solutions which we have to say can be very dangerous. We have seen numerous pictures of people using hoists and cranes to lift full-size snow blowers onto a sloped roof. Not only will you damage your shingles you can slip off the roof and have serious injuries as a result.

We strongly encourage readers to never lift a snowblower of any kind onto a roof. There are two possible solutions which are much safer. The electric snowblower shown in this picture would work. This is provided that the snow is not hard-packed or has an icy crust on it. Anyone attempting to use this solution needs to be very careful to avoid falling off the roof. But at least it is a light machine and can be controlled much more easily than a full-blown powerful snowblower.

Snow Blower for Roof – Use a snow Rake

snow rake for roofThis solution is far better, although it involves much more work. Although it is probably a lot harder, it is much safer than getting onto the roof. The snow rake has several long poles which are connected together. The user can stand on the ground to pull the snow off the roof. Consumers must be careful to not work too hard especially if you have been a couch potato for many years. With this kind of work, often people who are not fit. They suffer heart attacks when they do this type of work.

If you fall into this latter category, hire someone to do the work for you who is younger and fit. While it will cost you some money, it is much better than falling off the roof or suffering a heart attack. Electric snow blowers and roof snow rakes are the best options for clearing snow off of sloped roofs. Even those that are flat.

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