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How to get a Snowblower on a Roof

How to get a Snowblower on a RoofThe questions in not how to get a snowblower on a roof. But why would you do this or take the chance of an accident and damaging your roof? We hope this picture is photoshopped and not something that really happened. Snow loads on a roof are an important issue. As a result, the snow needs to be removed to avoid damage to the roof. Most people will get on the roof to shovel the snow off. They can also use a snow rake while standing on the ground to remove the snow. Of course, raising a heavy snow blower onto the roof is difficult to do and also dangerous. How do you get the snow blower up there? A crane could do the job if you had one handy. I guess you could lift it up there but most people cannot afford to hire a crane.

How to get a Snowblower on a Roof – Damage to Roof

More importantly, is the potential damage you can cause to the shingles as you move the snowblower along the roof. The tires are going to dig in and dislodge shingles. The scraper on the snow blower is going to catch shingles and tear them off. As a result, a lot of damage will be done to the roof. This can cause leaks later on when the snow begins to melt.

Whatever you are thinking, don’t try this as a solution. If you cannot get up on the roof yourself, hire someone to clear the snow off. Make sure that they do this in a safe manner to avoid any potential injury from falling. Personally, I use a snow rake. It allows me to stand on the ground and pull the snow off the roof. It is hard work, but a whole lot safer. If you are the couch potato type, you may want to hire someone to do this. Many heart attacks are caused by unaccustomed overwork.


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