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Landscaping and Snow Removal

landscaping and snow removalWho wants to discuss landscaping when snow removal is at the top of your mind or vice versa? As you can see from this picture there is lots of snow to get rid of from this persons driveway. The last thing on the owner’s mind is lawn care or perhaps even springtime. He is so unhappy about the snow that has to be moved that he hired a snow removal company to clear his driveway for him. Saving a lot of time and frankly back-breaking work.

Never the less there is an opportunity for both the homeowner. Also for the business owner who provides both landscaping and snow removal services. Business owners who provide both services can lock up contracts with customers year-round. They can combine contracts and provide discounts for combined services and repeat customers. This is a business opportunity that should be explored. The business owner already has a customer for the winter and has a mailing list as well. They also know that the customer may be open to considering contracting out some services. This is an opportunity for added business.

Landscaping and Snow Removal

While this site focuses on snow removal and snow blowers of all kinds we have come to the conclusion from reader comments and from reading online that there is a business opportunity that small business owners who are providing these services are missing. Take a look at your customers and assess which ones might be candidates for both services and then develop a package of services that are profitable for your business which potentially locks up your customers for the entire year.

Investors and lenders like to see lots of sales revenue and they like to see pre-sold services. This is a great marketing tool as well as a financial marketing tool when it comes to seeking financing to help with the purchase of additional equipment. Although much of the equipment is only used in one season or another, items such as vehicles are used year-round, and tractors like the one shown in this picture are also used year-round and they are expensive to purchase as well as maintain.

Business Opportunities

All of the baby boomers are getting older and less able to clear their own snow or do their own lawn mowing. This has to be a real opportunity for anyone in the business. Older boomers are less inclined to shovel snow or to run their own snowblower and clear snow in the wintertime. In addition, they are increasingly unable to push a lawnmower or dig up a garden. They want to remain in their homes and not move to an apartment. Anyone providing the services they are looking for will not only be able to make money as a business, but they will also be doing service as well by helping seniors remain in their homes and keep those homes looking great.

Don’t miss out on this great business opportunity! Take the time to figure out what services you want to offer and then market them to your existing customers. This is a known customer base, which should be satisfied with your service. If they are not satisfied, then you have more serious problems than just building more business.

Consumers like great service and they will be loyal to those businesses that provide great service at reasonable prices. Keep the customer happy and ensure that all of their needs are met. If you do you will have a good chance of having an all year round customer.

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