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Lawn Care and Snow Removal

lawn care and snow removalCan you get a discount from companies that provide both lawn care services in the summertime and snow removal services in the wintertime? Can you also get a discount from companies that provide snow removal services in the wintertime and snow removal from your rooftop when the snow gets really deep and threatens to bring down your roof or cause ice dams? You never know until you ask. Most companies will provide some form of discount if it means more business and especially if it carries clients from one season to another. Long term customers should also enjoy at least fixed rates to reward their loyalty and business.

These are the kinds of questions that many consumers want to know about when they are considering hiring snow removal companies. Most people are just too willing to accept the price quoted and are unwilling to negotiate or even ask for a discount. I have learned that the worse thing that will happen is that the person you are dealing with will say no. They may even apologize for saying no and you know they feel bad at this point. They really want to offer a discount but probably cannot since they do not have the authority, It just means you have asked the wrong person for your loyalty discount. Another favorite is to ask for a senior discount. That seems to work well also for many seniors.

Snow Removal As Well as Lawn Care

In this blog, we talked mainly about snow blowers, snow removal, and removal of snow from your roof when the storm gets really deep. But we also wonder whether the same companies will provide decent lawn care services in the summertime. It turns out that most of these companies do offer some form of summer lawn care or landscaping services. They provide seasonal services to ensure that they can stay in business and also keep good people with them throughout the year.

It never hurts to ask for a combination contract of lawn care and snow removal. You may start out with one contract for snow removal and then when summer comes along, negotiate a lawn care contract with a discount because you are a repeat customer. You might also resign a snow removal contract early while you sign up for a lawn care contract with suitable discounts for both. This is a great way for any company to secure business and lock it up year-round. All they have to do is a really good job and they have a satisfied customer with repeat business.

Steady Work

When companies lock up work like this it means they can keep their employees working all year long and their income stream is much more stable. If they happen to be applying for a loan to buy equipment, they can demonstrate to the bank that they have ongoing contracts that will sustain their business. There are advantages for both the consumer and the company in these situations and both parties should derive some benefit from this situation.

Lawn care and snow removal also utilize different equipment for their business which they must maintain and keep up. Many will also use some of their employees to conduct maintenance and repairs on this equipment during the offseason.

In addition, payment terms should be negotiated. Many companies are satisfied with multiple payments. If it is a snow removal contract, many will ask for 50% of the charge at the beginning of the season and 50% of the cost halfway through the season. The same should apply to the landscaping or lawn care services that are being provided. Never pay for everything upfront. If the company goes out of business, you have lost all of your deposit instead of just 50%!

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