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snow plow businessThe snow plow business changes from snow plowing to landscaping at the end of the winter season. As we are writing this post, companies in the snow plow business are wrapping up the season and doing a lot of maintenance on their equipment, while preparing for a season of lawn maintenance and landscaping projects. Many of these business owners will run snow plow businesses in the winter time and then run lawn care businesses in the summer time along with a variety of landscaping projects. They are able to keep all of their people working all year around running these two businesses as well as maintaining the equipment and even using some of the equipment in both seasons.

What Does a Snow Plow Business Do in the Summer Time?

The snow plow business is obviously a very weather related business. If it is not snowing they are not working, so most snow plow businesses have their customer sign seasonal contracts for fixed amounts which guarantees that their driveways, sidewalks or parking areas will be cleared whenever it snows. If it is a light year for snow falls, they tend to make more money since their expenses for fuel and wear and tear on equipment is a lot less. In the years that there is a lot of snow, everyone is busy and expenses are higher.

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

Snow plow businesses that have been in business for a number of years keep a pretty good eye on the competition and also know that the work averages out. One year might be light on snow, while the next will be heavy and as long as they have budgeted accordingly, they will be fine from a profit and cash flow perspective. Pay careful attention to the rates charges and hire good drivers who take care of their machines and handle them as if they owned them. You will find that repairs will be much less as a result. Snow plow business owners will also find that excellent drivers cause much less damage to their customers property as well and this can reduce your overall cost as a result.

Can You Strike a Deal with a Discount for Snow Removal and Landscaping

If you are a property owner, hiring a company that provides both snow clearing in the winter time and landscaping or lawn maintenance in the summer is a good way of ensuring that the company will be around for some time. There is less chance that they go bankrupt in the middle of the season and suddenly you find that your driveway or parking lot is not cleared of snow one morning.

Always have a contract, always make sure that details are spelled out on the contract and always check with other customers to confirm satisfaction levels with the snow clearing that has been provided to them in past years. Bad things can still happen, but at least you have confirmed as much as you can done your due diligence.

The same applies of course to your landscaping and lawn maintenance contracts. Make sure that everything you are expecting is laid out in detail in the contract and that the timing, the price, and the quality you are expecting is covered. While this may seem like too much detail, the more conversation you have will help to ensure that expectations are met and that there are no misunderstandings. Many people fail to write these things down on the contract and as a result there will be the misunderstanding of what is to be provided. If you want the lawn cut to one inch once per week regardless, spell it out on the contract so that there is no misunderstanding or disagreement.

It is pretty easy to resolve these things when you are discussing a contract and have not yet signed on the dotted line or paid your money. Once the contract is in place, there is usually little you can do to make changes or enforce services that you discussed, but did not write down in the contract.

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