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Honda Snow Blower HS928TAS

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This Honda Snow Blower HS928TASHonda Snow Blower model number HS928TAS has lots of features that both home owners and snow clearing contractors will appreciate. As usual we have listed the specifications first. Then we follow up with a list of features based on the manufacturers listings.

This is a large 28 inch wide snowblower so it will clear your driveway in a hurry. With the tract drive most situations , even on ice, should be no problem.

It does have an electric starter. However you need to attach an electric cord to start the engine. Then disconnect the cord once it is going. In addition there is also a manual backup pull chord that can also be used. I have a model like this from another manufacturer. But I just end up starting my snow blower all of the time using the pull chord. the only time I use the electric start is in a situation were I have a hard time starting it which is not often.

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

The other major feature is the hydrostatic transmission. Which provides a variable speed capability to match just about any kind of snow condition. Honda is known for this type of transmission. As a result they use them in most if not all of their snow blowers and other residential products as well.

Honda Snow Blower HS928TAS – Specifications:

  • Engine Honda GX270
  • Displacement 270cc
  • Starting System Electric/Recoil
  • Fuel capacity 1.32 gal
  • Wheel / Track
  • Stages 2
  • Chute Turning Radius 210º
  • Clearing Width 28″
  • Clearing Height 20.1″
  • Discharge Distance 49 ft.
  • Tons per Hour (max) 50
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.7″ x 28.5″ x 44.3″
  • Dry Weight 254.0 lbs


  • Engine Honda GX270
  • Displacement 270cc


  • Drive Mechanism Hydrostatic, Infinitely variable
  • Clutch type Hydrostatic


  • Residential Warranty 3 years
  • Commercial Warranty 3 years


  • Powerful, easy to start Honda engine
  • 120-Volt electric start
  • Recoil start is also included
  • Pliable, low temperature rubber tracks with sure-gripping cleats, providing solid traction
  • Self propelled, infinitely variable speed control hydrostatic drive train.
  • Clear up to 50 tons per hour
  • Reversible two position skid shoes for long life
  • Easy to adjust snow deflection with up to 210 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of elevation.
  • Convenient control levers
  • Ice breaking serrated auger
  • Auger drive is equipped with easily replaceable shear bolts.
  • Designed to prevent icing
  • Quieter operation with improved muffler deflector reduces.
  • Exceptional throwing distance
  • 28″ clearing width, 20″ clearing height
  • Standard work light
  • One hand control to easily adjust snow direction and distance with the chute controls.
  • “Glove friendly” fuel cap
  • Automatic decompression for easy starting
  • Metal auger housing
  • 3 year residential / commercial warranty

Description of the Honda Snow Blower HS928TAS

This particular snow blower comes with a three year warranty for both residential and commercial users. Many manufacturers are unwilling to provide the same warranty to both types of users due to the heavier load that a commercial user apply. However most other features are pretty standard except for perhaps the de-icing feature which surrounds the engine in hot air and protects the engine from ice that might form in critical areas.

Honda continues to update snow blower models, adding features etc every year. We are attempting to show case these models as they come out. check back often for updates and new reviews. Your comments are also appreciated as well since our readers really appreciate other consumers experiences.

For information about delivery methods for your snow blower,  accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation and maintenance information, go to our page General Snow Blower Information, to read more about these topics.

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