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Snow Removal SpecificationsMany consumers have their own snow blowers and regularly clear the snow from their driveways and walkways every winter. They may even do this for a neighbor or two either as a nice thing to do or for a small payment to help defray the cost of the snowblower they just purchased. When there is a heavy snowfall or the temperature is really cold, these people really appreciate someone coming to clear their driveways whether it is being done as a favor or they are paying for the service. When you pay for the snow clearing service, many do not discuss snow removal specifications and sometimes are disappointed by the services that are provided.

Whenever you hire someone to do some work for you, it is always a good idea to have the specifications understood and written down so that they are clear and there is no disagreement over what service is to be provided and when it is to be provided. It is really no different from snow removal. Snow removal specifications should be the same and can be written down in a small contract that is signed by both parties.  Usually, the snow removal company will provide a copy of this to their customers along with a copy of the receipt for your payment. Take the time to read and fully understand them before you sign.

Snow Removal Specifications – What should they Cover?

The following topics should be covered in the specifications and represent a contract between you and the contractor who will be removing the snow from your driveway:

  • Price for the snow clearing service
  • Payment schedule requirements
  • The start date for the contract
  • Last date for the season that snow will be cleared
  • How much snow will fall before they will clear the snow
  • Will they clear snow after the snowplow has cleared the roads
  • What time of the morning will they clear the snow?
  • Will they clear snow from the walkway and steps or just the driveway
  • Will they work carefully around parked cars on the driveway
  • Do they place markers on the edge of the driveway to avoid damaging the grass?
  • Will you need the snow blown or dumped in a specific area
  • Do they use a snowblower or a blade?
  • How will they protect your driveway from scrape marks from the blade or snowblower
  • Other special requirements that you may have unique to your property

Selecting a Snow Removal Contractor

You have all of the specifications and you are satisfied with the price and the services. But how do you really know if they will deliver as per these specifications? One way to confirm is to talk to other neighbors who may be using their services. Are they satisfied with the snow removal service and would they recommend them? A recommendation from a friend or neighbor is the best way to confirm that a company will meet your needs. This assumes that you both have the same requirements and have the same attention to detail. This is an important point to consider.

Some people might not care if the driveway is cleared after 8 am in the morning. While others who must get out of their driveways by 7 am to get to work will want their driveways cleared before that time. If you have specific requirements that you consider very important confirm that they will be met or have been met by other neighbors.

When Should You Use a Snow clearing Service?

There are various triggers that may push you in the direction of using a service such as this. The snowblower you have, quits on you and you do not want to purchase another. There is a health issue that forces you to hire such a service. You just got tired of going out to shovel snow when it is icy cold. You decided that this is one job you never want to do again. Regardless of what the reason is, always make sure that you get a contract and nail down the specifications for your snow clearing service. It might save you a lot of work, frustration, and perhaps even money depending on what the difference of opinion might be concerning the clearing of snow from your driveway.

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  1. this really helps, we are going to use a snow removal company this year for the first time and this list will help us be sure to get the services that we need.

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