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Honda Snow Blower HS1332TCS

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 Honda Snow Blower HS1332TCSThis Honda  snow blower in this review is a Honda HS1332TCS with tracks instead of wheels. It comes with a dual stage, infinitely variable transmission and a powerful 337 CC engine. Consequently there are many features that will appeal to the average home owner. Especially if they need to clear a lot of snow in a hurry. As a result the powerful engine, treads for great traction and flexible controls makes this machine well worth considering.

Starting with the 32 inch wide intake,  this machine can cut wide swaths across your driveway or parking lot quickly.  The variable speed transmission allows the operator to match snow load conditions. As a result it easily slows down or speeds up as you deal with snow conditions.

There is a work light for night time operation and all controls are within hands reach of the operator.  As a result you can operator the snow blower with one hand while redirection the chute with another.

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Honda also offers a 36 month warranty to both residential operators and commercial operators. Which is unusual in the industry. This is an electric start engine. However there is also a recoil chord for emergency starting manually. The potential accessories that can be purchased with this snow blower machine include a snow blower cover. There is also a drift breaker kit. The size and weight of this machine coming in at 271 pounds is too heavy for most people. As a result anyone purchasing this machine will also need to arrange for delivery.

Honda Snow Blower HS1332TCS – Specifications:

  • Axle Type: Track drive
  • Drive Type: Hydrostatic transmission
  • Speeds: Infinitely variable
  • Maximum Ground Speed: Forward: 51.0 m/min. (167.3 ft./min) Reverse: 38.4 m/min. (126.0 ft./min)
  • Clearing Width: 81.0 cm (31.9 in)
  • Intake Housing Height: 51.0 cm (20.1 in)
  • Auger Diameter: 35.5 cm (14.0 in)
  • Type of Auger: Steel serrated
  • Auger Drive: Belt driven shaft
  • Auger Height Adjustment: Gas assist
  • Chute Rotation: Remote manual crank
  • Chute Turning Radius: 210 degrees
  • Deflection Control: Remote manual lever
  • Chute Material: Steel
  • Maximum Throw Distance1: 17 m (56 ft)
  • Clearing Snow Volume Capacity (Approximate): Up to 65 metric tons/hr (72 tons/hr)
  • ENGINE TYPE: 4-stroke; OHV; single cylinder
  • Honda ENGINE MODEL: GX340
  • DISPLACEMENT: 337 cc (20.6 CID)
  • IGNITION SYSTEM: Transistorized
  • Recoil Starter: Standard (Back-up)
  • Electric Starter: Standard 120 VAC type
  • LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Forced splash
  • OIL CAPACITY: 1.1 Litre (38.7 fl. Imp. oz)
  • RECOMMENDED FUEL: Regular unleaded gasoline (87 Octane)
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 6.0 Litres (1.32 Imp. gal)
  • Operational Time per Tankful: 2  to 2.5 hours
  • Wheel/Tire Size: N/A
  • Overall Length: 142.2 cm (56.0 in)
  • Total Width: 81.0 cm (31.9 in)
  • Overall Height: 102.2 cm (40.2 in)
  • DRY WEIGHT: 123.0 kg (271.2 lb)


This Honda snow blower is equipped with a Honda GX340 engine, 4-stroke ,  OHV,  single cylinder power plant.

Transmission: The transmission is an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission. As a result it allows the operator to accurately match the ground speed with the snow load.

Warranty: This Honda Snow blower comes with a 36 months for non-commercial use and 36 months for commercial use warranty.


  • Dual-stage
  • 120 VAC electric start.
  • GX340, 4-stroke, overhead valve (OHV) Honda engine
  • 32-inch (81-cm) path,
  • Throws snow up to 17 m (56 ft.)*
  • Variable-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Variable, gas-assisted, auger-height-adjustment system,
  • Work light,
  • Quick-release auger, and drive-control levers
  • One-handed operation, making chute adjustments possible on the go

Description of the Honda Snow Blower HS1332TCS

This particular snow blower clears 32 inches wide at a time. It is capable of throwing the snow as far as 50 feet depending on conditions. However it is gas powered using regular gasoline. This blower has a variable speed transmission. In addition it utilizes tracks instead of wheels to provide maximum traction in all conditions. As with most snow blowers of this size it is dual stage. As a result it can throw the snow as far as it does. You can anticipate operating this snow blower from two to two and one half hours depending on conditions.

However for information about delivery methods for your snow blower, etc. go to our page General Snow Blower Information, to read more about these topics. In addition this includes accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation and maintenance information.

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