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Yardman Snow Blowers

Yardman Snow BlowersYardman Snow Blowers come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of various snow clearing jobs, contractor requirements and consumer requirements. You can select Yardman Snow Blowers from light duty models, moderate duty and heavy duty depending on your snow clearing needs. Contractors who clear snow all winter long will likely choose heavy duty machines for their business. They need machines that can handle the daily harsh treatment of blowing snow, loading and unloading and generally rough treatment by employees.

Consumers on the other hand can use light or moderate duty machines depending on how much snow you receive each winter and how deep the drifts are. They tend to purchase smaller machines due to storage issues and the reality of clearing only one driveway even if it is two car widths wide and a normal length.

Types of Yardman Snow Blowers

The Yardman Snow Blower light duty models come in 2 sizes, 21 and 22 inch widths and are suitable for snowfalls are typically from 4 to 6 inches in depth. They are small and easily stored especially if you do not have a lot of room. These snow blowers come with 21 inch width and 10 inch intake height, 4 cycle engines, electric and manual start, 9 inch self pulling rubber edge auger, 180 degree chute rotation 7 inch wheels with a 2 year warranty. They are ideal for the small driveway and light snow conditions. The engine on the single stage light use snow blower is a 4 cycle winterized engine…

Moderate Duty

Moderate duty Yardman Snow Blowers come in 26 and 28 inch widths . They can handle double driveways with snow from 6 to 12 inches in depth easily. Steel augers and a high speed impeller can deal with most snow conditions including hard packed snow conditions. The Yardman Snow Blower moderate duty snow blower comes with manual and electric start. Also 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, manual chute and crank over 180 degrees. There is a 12 inch impeller, 15 inch tires, space saving folding handles, polymer chute with a 2 year warranty. More room is required to store one of these machines since they are larger in width. They are the typical snow blower that many consumers will consider for their personal use.

Heavy Duty

The heavy duty Yardman Snow Blower can handle snowfalls over 12 inches with ease, 30 inch width, electric and manual start, 6 forward, 2 reverse gears, manual chute and crank, 12 inch auger and impeller, 16 inch tires, polymer chute, oil prefilled engine and a 2 year warranty. The engine is a 4 cycle winterized 357 cc engine. Yardman Snow Blowers are all coated with durable automotive style powder coated paint. With the additional width, operators can make short work of driveways and pathways when clearing snow.

Storage of Yardman Snow Blowers

Storage of any of these machines should be considered. Many people have one or two cars and space for only one or two cars in their garage. Unfortunately builders do not allow for much more than space for a car in today’s homes.  A snow blower takes up a lot of room. Many people just do not have the space unless they leave their car outside on the driveway. This is a common thing for many people since their garage is filled with other outdoor maintenance activity equipment. We find that many families will have two cars. They will park their cars on he driveway or even on the street to make it easier to  navigate around.

In the winter time many cities and towns have bylaws in place that prevent parking on the street during the evening and night time hours. This makes the clearing of streets easier.  This is an inconvenience for many people. However it is the only way to arrange for narrow streets to be cleared of snow.

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