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Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start

Each year the names, specifications and model numbers are changed and updated Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Startby all of the manufacturers. We have decided to describe the basics of each snow blower in the title to make it easier for readers to review all of the machines. This Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start snow blower comes with an electric starter a wide 28-inch cleaning width and a full 21-inch intake height. This snow blower will be suitable for most residential applications where you are clearing snow from your driveway and walkways around your home.

Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start – Specifications:

  • 357cc* OHV 4-Cycle Engine
  • 28″ Clearing Width
  • 21″ Intake Height
  • 12″ Impeller
  • 6 forward, 2 reverse
  • 16″ by 4.8″ tires
  • 4 way / 200-degree chute control
  • 4-way pitch control
  • Fuel capacity 5 qt’s

Engine: This machine is a 357cc* OHV 4-Cycle Engine

Transmission: The transmission is 6 forward, 2 reverse

Warranty: This Yard Man 357 CC snow machine has a 2-Year Limited Residential Warranty


  • Deluxe skid shoes
  • Steel shave plate
  • snow hog tread on tires
  • single in-dash headlight
  • electric start

Description of the Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start Snow Blower

The Yardman 357 cc 28-inch snowblower has a stell shave plate to help you scrape snow right down to the pavement, knobby tires to get a good grip while blowing snow, and a headlight for blowing snow at night. Skid shoes make sure that your snowblower slides along smoothly. They can be adjusted to the height that you prefer and replaced if they become worn down.


Most customers will have to arrange for the delivery of their new snow blowers. They are far too big to take home in your car. So you will need a trailer, rent a van or arrange for delivery by the store that you are purchasing the snow blower from. There will be a charge for this service.


Most snow blowers can be purchased with tire chains to provide extra traction in icy situations. In addition, snow shields are also a good idea. You can protect yourself from windy conditions and snow being blown back at you from the wind. They can be purchased for most snow blowers including the Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start.

Online Reviews: We were unable to find any online reviews for the Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start Dual Stage Snowblower, however, please leave your comments at the end of this blog if you have used one of these machines.

Safety & Operation

Carefully read all of the safety guidelines in the manual prior to operating the machine for the first time and follow these guidelines to ensure that both you and the machine do not have an accident.

Prior to starting the Yardman 357cc 28inch Electric Start Dual Stage Snowblower the first time each day, perform a quick walk-around check of the machine to ensure there are no loose parts and no leaking fluids. Check the engine oil to ensure that it is at the correct level as specified by the manual. Top up if necessary. Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cold and prior to using the machine. If you do spill fuel, wait until it has fully evaporated prior to starting the engine. Never spill fuel on a hot engine to avoid fires and always fill the fuel tank outdoors to avoid any possibility of vapors going into your house.

Finally never point the chute in the direction of people, buildings, or cars to avoid any possible damage and accidents.


Like all snow blowers or snow throwers, maintenance is important for your machine to operate at a peak level for many years. Change the engine oil regularly, check the belts for tightness, change the spark plug as required, and grease any spots outlined in the manual. If you need to leave the snow blower outside all year round, cover the machine with a proper cover to keep it looking new and avoid deterioration of the tires and metal components.

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