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Yard Machines 208cc OHV / 24″ M63KE

Yard Machines 208cc OHV / 24" M63KEDescription: this Yard Machines 208cc OHV / 24″ M63KE snowblower features six forward speeds and two reverse, a 24-inch clearing width, with a steel serrated auger drive and 12-inch impeller diameter. It has a 2-quart fuel capacity and comes with folding handles for ease of storage. This machine is adequate for most residential snow clearing requirements. At 24 inches wide it is also easy to store while at the same time making quick work of snow clearing on your driveway. It has generally positive reviews, however, some consumers reported difficulty starting the engine after one season of use. There is no way to tell if these consumers properly prepared their machine for storage and removed all gasoline.


  • 6 forward / 2 reverse speeds
  • 24″ clearing width
  • Manual chute control
  • Large 15 inch wheels provide traction
  • Single Hand Steering Control
  • Powered light
  • Electric Starter / Manual Start
  • Carb Compliant


  • Drive type: 6 Speed friction type
  • Engine: Gas 208 cc
  • Stage: Two Stage
  • Max power: 208 cc
  • Rated speed: 6 speed
  • Auger: Steel serrated
  • Impeller : 12 inch
  • Folding Handles: Yes
  • Padded Handles: No
  • Heated Handles: No
  • Electric Start: Yes
  • Single Hand Direction Control: Yes
  • Clearing width: 24″
  • Intake Height: 21″
  • Weight: 218 pounds
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Light: Yes

Customer Review Summary – Yard Machines 208cc OHV / 24 M63KE

Based on reviews that we were able to find, the snowblower has 21 reviews, 48% I have a five star and 14% have four stars. The remaining 38% or three stars or less.

Consumers reported that this machine works very well. It handled hard-packed snow, deep drifts, and even wet snow. Most are very satisfied with the product.

The most significant complaint by those people who rated this machine at three or lower was that it was difficult to start. Some had trouble starting it out of the box and many had trouble starting it on the second or third time or after being stored for a season.

They also mentioned that support from the factory was poor.

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