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Snow Blower Foot Accidents

snow blower foot accidentsThere are lots of serious snowblower accidents every year. In some cases, operators lose a hand, fingers, or even a foot. Many snowblower foot accidents usually occur when the snowblower jams and operators attempt to clear the snow away while the engine is still running. Never stick your hand in the auger area or your foot. You’re taking a serious risk of being injured. These residential consumer snowblowers are quite powerful and capable of cutting through the hand or foot. Always take proper safety precautions before clearing snow from a jammed snowblower.

Snow blower foot accidents – Safety

The following outlines the steps you should take to ensure your safety and avoid any accidents:

  • If the snowblower jams, turn it off before attempting any work to clear the jam.
  • Disengage the clutch
  • Wait 10 seconds to make sure that the auger and the impeller have stopped rotating.
  • Always use a snow clearing tool to clear snow from the auger or the impeller. Never use your hands or feet to attempt to remove the snow.
  • Do not remove any shields or safety equipment from the snowblower.
  • Keep your hands and feet away from all moving parts. Wear tight-fitting clothing and remove scarves that may droop down into moving parts.
  • Avoid distractions, keep a clear head and concentrate on what you’re doing.

These snow blower machines are very powerful and can sever an arm or foot in an instant.  Don’t take any chances. Always shut the machine off before doing work or maintenance on your snow blower. If the chute or the auger is plugged take extreme care while dislodging the snow. Never stick your hand anywhere near the auger. It can slice off a finger or even a hand in a second if it is under pressure from the snow blockage.

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