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Symptoms of Bad Spark Plug Snowblower

Symptoms of Bad Spark Plug SnowblowerWhat are the symptoms of bad spark plug in snow blowers? If your engine is not running well, there can be a number of reasons causing this including a bad spark plug. While it might be other items causing the problem, one of the easiest things to check is the spark plug. Remove the plug and clean it, check the gap and replace it. Confirm also that there is a spark between the terminals of the plug. Install the plug and try running the engine to determine if this makes any difference. You will notice right away if this was the problem. Replace overly dirty contaminated plugs with new spark plugs. Set the gap to the proper specifications.

Symptoms of Bad Spark Plug Snowblower

Clean the spark plug if it is black and covered with soot. The soot indicates that the fuel air mixture is not correct. This usually means a dirty carburetor. Use gasoline treatment to clean the carb and keep the gas fresh.

Never leave old gas in your snow blowers gas tank for any length of time. It tends to gum up everything and will cause the condition mentioned above. If the cleaner does not work, the carb will need to be taken apart and cleaned. If you are not familiar with this type of work, it is best to hire a small engine mechanic to complete the work for you.

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