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John Deere Oil Change Manuals

John Deere Oil Change ManualsWhile you really do not need to have the John Deere oil change manuals in front of you when you are changing the oil it is a good idea to review it ahead of time. We are going to cover the step by step generic process to change the oil in a snow blower. You will need to confirm the viscosity of the oil that should be used in your particular John Deere snow blower. We also suggest that you review all safety precautions for your snow blower prior to doing any kind of maintenance including the oil change.  Here is your step by step process for an oil change.

John Deere Oil Change Manuals

  • Run your snow blowers engine for 5 minutes to warm up the oil
  • Shut the engine off and disconnect the spark plug wire
  • Place a catch basin under the oil outlet to catch the oil
  • Loosen the oil filler dip stick
  • Loosen the oil drain plug and allow the warm oil to drain into the catch basin
  • Wait until all oil has drained from the engine
  • Attach the oil drain plug and tighten
  • Add the proper viscosity oil to the engine via the oil filler dip stick
  • Ensure the oil level is at the correct level on the dip stick
  • Place the oil filler dip stick in place and tighten
  • Attach the spark plug wire
  • Start the engine and allow it to run for a few minutes
  • Shut the engine off
  • Remeasure the oil level in the engine to ensure sufficient oil
  • If there is too much you will need to drain some out.

Check the oil level prior to starting the engine. Do this each time you use it to ensure there is sufficient oil in the engine. While it is pretty straight forward, care should be taken to avoid spilling oil on the floor of your garage or on the ground. Place a drip sheet under the snow blower if this is a concern. Follow all proper safety precautions as outlined in the manual.

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