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Snow Removal ServicesWe just had our first snow fall as I am writing this post about snow removal services. Actually the thought of going outside to shovel snow prompted this particular post about snow removal services. I really do not want to even think about shoveling my driveway or my walk up to the house this year. Our driveway gets lots of show dumped on it by both the wind blowing snow and also the snowplow going down the road. Somehow it all seems to end up at the end of our driveway and I have a huge amount of snow to remove.

Snow Removal Services

Fortunately, there are a lot of snow removal service companies in the area and they all provide pretty good service. There are a number of criteria to take into account when hiring a company to remove your snow from the driveway and the walkways leading up to your home.

What About the Snow Plow Filling My Driveway

For example, they will come and clear the snow from your driveway after a specific amount of snow has fallen, perhaps an inch or two inches depending on the contractor. Some will be more specific than just saying after how much has fallen. They may indicate that they will not do your driveway until the snow plow has cleared your street. These contractors will basically follow the snowplow and clear driveways after the snowplow has cleared your street. The advantage of this approach is that the end of your driveway is cleared of snow after the snowplow has passed. This approach can be quite good, however, we suggest customers also confirm when they will clear snow if there is a heavy snowfall and you really need to get out of your driveway.

Will They Damage my Lawn

After the snow has fallen, companies providing snow removal services have to guess where the edges of your driveway are to avoid digging up the lawn, etc with their large snow removal equipment. Many companies now place markers at the edge of both sides of the driveway to show the operator where the sides of the driveway are so that they do not accidentally ruin the customer’s lawn. Their name and phone numbers are usually on these markers as well so this is another type of free advertising for them. In the spring they remove the markers and save them for the next year.

Will they clear my Steps

Not all companies will provide snow removal services for steps. If you need this service, discuss it with your contractor before you sign the contract. Confirm how much extra it will be to shovel the steps if you need this service. Some clients will do this small amount of work themselves. While others do not feel up to clearing the snow off the steps.

What Time Frames of the Year do they Cover

Snow removal services are offered in the wintertime of course. However, the start and end dates vary depending on the location. Also how much snow your area receives every year. Many companies will begin snow clearing operations on Dec 1st and finish as of Mar 31st. If for some reason there is a large snowfall outside of this time period, consumers may decide to call their snow removal company. They can make a special trip to clear the snow for them. There will usually be an additional fee for this service.

Talk to Friends and Neighbors

If this is the first time you are hiring a company to remove the snow from your driveway, you can either make a blind call to hire a company or talk to friends and neighbors who may be already using a company to clear their snow in previous years. This is often the best way to find a company that you and your neighbors will be satisfied with. In addition the more customers these companies have in one area the better. Their travel time between jobs is reduced and customers benefit as well by keeping costs down.

As the picture shows above who really wants to go out and shovel snow. Especially when it is several feet deep, blowing wind and bitterly cold. Hire a snow removal company and negotiate all of the snow removal services prior to signing the contract.

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  2. Juat having the first major snow storm of huge year and my 25 year old snow blower worked well. When it finally quits I am going to hire someone to clear the snow for me

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