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Snow Removal ContractorThis poor guy in the picture would really prefer to be sitting inside with a hot cup of coffee watching his snow removal contractor clear his driveway of all of the snow. He is probably doing this before he goes to work so he can get his car out because the depth of snow is too much to try to run his car through it. However he has made an investment in a snow blower and feels that he now must do the work instead of hiring a snow removal contractor.

This is true for many consumers and frankly if you are willing to do a little maintenance every year such as oil changes, your snow blower will last for many years which makes it a much superior economic choice compared to hiring a snow removal contractor. Inside of 3 or 4 years the money you would pay a contractor will more than pay for most snow blower that would be suitable for consumers to use in residential areas.

Why Hire a Snow Removal Contractor?

The fundamental answer is pretty simple. It comes down to convenience and not needing to be concerned about storing and maintaining a mechanical device such as a snow blower. Let’s face it, all you need to do is make a phone call, get a quotation and write a check and you are done.

If you have a snow blower, you first have to have it delivered, then you have to learn how to use it and you have to store gasoline in your shed or garage. It is a big noisy dangerous machine which can turn many people off. You also really should change the oil once a year and you probably should also clean or replace the spark plug and grease the bearings and augers. At this stage, most people are turned off and either will not do it or go back to writing the check.

What Happens if You do not Maintain the Snow Blower

Well the oil goes bad within the first year which in turn begins to impact the engine and next thing you know you have this black sludge inside your engine and it does not run smoothly or perhaps not at all. Inside of 3 to 5 years, it might be so bad that you have to take it in for a tune up and the mechanic tells you it is beyond repair and you are looking at a new one.

Admittedly this is the worst case situation, but you can quickly get the point that unless you are going to maintain these machines, you are just throwing money away and you might as well hire a snow removal contractor and sit back and enjoy your life.

We have written a couple of posts previously about hiring a contractor. Also how to find a reliable snow removal contractor. We have also listed the snow removal specifications or requirements that consumers should consider when they hire a snow removal contractor. We urge readers to take a look at this post to review the list and avoid disappointment or a misunderstanding between you and the contractor. After all you are spending some money to get a service, so you really should receive what you expect and what you are paying for.  Take a look at these previous posts before you make up your mind regarding which contractor to hire for snow removal service.

Last Year We Did Not Get Much Snow, Should I Still Hire a Contractor

Obviously this is a personal decision and is a function of some of the factors we have already discussed. Every winter is different and winters seem to go in cycles with some years cold and snowy, while others are warmer with more rain or light snow. Both parties take the risk when they sign a contract of this sort.

Both parties want to win. Some years there will not be much snow, while others will have a lot of snow. If your price stays the same, then you are sharing the risk with the contractor regarding how much work he actually does for you. Remember he must keep his drivers on staff throughout the entire winter and have them available whenever there is a snow fall in the winter time.

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  1. i tried using a snow blower to clear my own driveway. in fact I even bought a snow blower, but after using it for a couple of times, i sent it back to the store and hired a snow clearing contractor. it is just too much work and it is too cold to go out there and clear the snow away.

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