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Snow Removal PolicyAre you unhappy with the snow clearing policy of your local city? In our city they only clear the snow on our street after they’ve cleared all of the snow off the major arteries and all of the bus routes where the buses go on their bus routes. This usually means that our quiet residential street is not cleared of snow well into the day.

In some cases it might mean that even though it has been snowing all day long, our street will not be cleared of snow still much later in the evening. Some people who are reading this post, might conclude so what. Get used to it since it is much more important to clear the main streets first and then get to the side streets to enable traffic to flow etc. But there is another issue that we wanted to make everyone aware of when you decide to hire a snow removal contractor to clear your driveway.

Snow Clearing Policies

Our snow removal contractor has a snow clearing policy. It basically says that they will not clear our driveway until the city snowplows have cleared our street. They want to only have to make a pass once. They prefer to follow the snow plow routes to ensure that they clear the driveway of snow and also the snow that the snow plow leaves at the end of the driveway. Otherwise, they would need to come back twice. They may get emergency calls because homeowners cannot get out of their driveways due to the large amount of snow that was left in the driveway. This saves them money and allows the contractor to charge less for their services. However it is a bit irritating to not have your driveway cleared until very late in the day. Don’t forget to ask this question before you hire a contractor.

Snow Removal Policy – Frustrating

This snow removal policy may be frustrating to some people who need to get their cars out in the morning to get to work. However it does make sense. Since if the main streets are not plowed there will be significant traffic jams for everyone. As long as you do not get more than six inches of snow in your driveway, most people can get their cars through that. If it is more, you may get stuck in your own driveway, unless it is plowed.  But consider that if your driveway is clear, but the street is not, you may just get stuck in the street if it has not been cleared.

Seniors are Good Customers

Many seniors are just as happy to hunker down and stay inside. They do not want to go out and brave the snow or take a chance of getting stuck somewhere either. People who are still working will not be so complacent. They may want to hire a contractor who provides better service. They may end up paying for the service they get.

This snow removal policy for snow removal contractors appears to make sense. I just wish the city would be quicker at removing snow on our street in the wintertime. Large cities have a problem since they do not get snow very often. With narrow streets and lots of cars parked on the street, it must be a nightmare to park. Even just to navigate on the streets and to be able to get around. I am happy to live in the suburbs. I do not mind the wait for both snow clearing of the street as well as my driveway.  Otherwise, I can just go and purchase a snow blower and do it myself which is another option.

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