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Snow Plowing ContractorsWe do not think about Snow Plowing Contractors in the summer time. It is too warm and life is good in the summer time, with barbeques, swimming, hiking or whatever it is you and your family like to do. But with winter just around the corner, it may be time to consider whether you want to clear the snow yourself this winter or hire a Snow Plowing Contractor. While it is the last thing you want to think about, you might just find a good deal on a snowblower at this time or sign up early for a snow clearing contract. Both situations have opportunities to negotiate and get the best deals.

Consider the cost of each, and then make your decision based on the cost comparison and your own personal requirements. First of all, let us just say it is cheaper to clear your own driveway with your own snowblower as long as you do not mind being out there in the cold weather. Keep your snowblower for longer than 3 years and you have paid for it in savings by not hiring a Snow Plowing Contractor.

Should you Purchase a Snow Blower or Not

Making a decision to hire a snow plow contractor is often about the quality of life and a preference to wake up in the morning knowing that your driveway is already clear and you do not need to go out and shovel snow or start-up the snowblower. If you can afford it this may be a small luxury that many people would like to give themselves instead of getting up in the morning to blow snow out of their driveway before they go to work.

Some consumers do not have a place to store a snowblower. Some are uncomfortable with handling a powerful machine like a snowblower. Other people cannot stand being out in the cold clearing snow. Many people just cannot be bothered with clearing snow and just would prefer to have a Snow Plowing Contractor clear their driveway for them.

Some Issues with Hiring a Snow Plowing Contractor

The contractor in our area has a policy that basically says that he follows the snow plow and only clears driveways after the snow plow has cleared the street. This means that on heavy snow days if the snow plow does not get to your street until 3 in the afternoon, your driveway is not going to be cleared until after that time. He takes this approach to avoid multiple trips to clear your driveway. The first trip would be to clear the fallen snow and the second trip later in the day would be to clear the snow that the snow plow pushed into your driveway as he went down the street.

Most people are ok with this approach, however, if you need to get your car out and there is a lot of snow, it can be a problem getting out of the driveway first of all and then later on down the street.

When Will They Clear Snow

Another factor is that they do not clear snow until at least half an inch has fallen. You may still need to or want to shovel a bit to keep your driveway nice and clean of snow. In addition, you will have to pay extra if you want them to clear snow off of your steps. This is an extra service not included in the cost of just clearing your driveway.

Buying a snow blower vs. having someone clear your driveway is a decision many people make based on avoiding shoveling snow. Or dealing with blowing snow vs. getting someone doing it for them and avoiding that extra work. If you decide to shovel, always be careful. If you are feeling any discomfort, stop and catch your breath before continuing to shovel. Far too many people have heart attacks every year from shoveling snow. This might be another reason to hire a snow clearing contractor to clear your driveway of snow in the wintertime.

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