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Snow Plowing CompanyIt is still not too late in the season to hire a snow plowing company to clear your driveway. Although it is already January, snow plow companies are still taking contracts for the season. Most will prorate their seasonal fees to reduce their charges for the year. You may still pay a little more on a monthly basis compared to signing up for the full season. However you will save money overall by waiting until January to sign a contract. Of course the risk was that you had to shovel snow a couple of times during December. This alone convinced you more than ever that you should have hired a snow plowing contractor back in November!

The winter of 2014 has been particularly difficult for urban homeowners between the amount of snow and the very cold weather. Snow plowing companies have been kept very busy this year and you may have trouble finding one this late in the season who is able to take on more clients. They also may charge a bit more as well if they are really busy and just do not need the extra business.

Services Offered by Snow Plowing companies

A snow plow company offers various services. Including clearing snow from your driveway, clearing the sidewalk up to your home and also the steps to your front door. For the full service treatment, expect to pay a little more than you would just for the driveway. There is also the timing of the snow clearance that should be discussed as part of your contract.

If you need your driveway clear before you go to work and at night, include this in the contract. The same should apply to clearing whatever snow the city snow plow leaves in your driveway as well. They seem to fill our driveways at the most inopportune times just when we need to get out of our driveways or are coming home from work.

Snow Clearing Contractors

From a snow plow company’s perspective, they really would prefer to follow the city snow plow. They want to avoid making several trips. This way they can clear your driveway of snow. At the same time clear whatever snow that the city snow plow leaves in your driveway. The timing may be less than convenient for you. However consider that even if your driveway is clear, if the street is still full of snow you will still have to navigate down a snow filled street and risk getting stuck!

The other factor to keep in mind is how much snow will need to fall before your snow plowing company will clear your driveway. Two inches of snow fall can be quite a bit of snow. If that is the limit of what must fall before they will clear your driveway you may be a little frustrated.

Consider all contracts carefully. If it is not written down and signed by both parties, then there is little chance of the service being delivered exactly the way you want. There is little chance of enforcing it either.



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