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Snow Plow ServiceMany consumers arrange for snow plow service every year. This usually includes just clearing their driveways of snow and perhaps the steps leading to their front door. The operator will use a snow plow or blade on the front of a truck. They could also use a tractor to remove the snow from their driveway.

They will drag the snow down the driveway. Then push it up onto the lawn as a means of clearing it. The excess snow cannot be left on the street. It cannot be left on the driveway so the only place left is to push it onto the front lawn. During this process, the blade of the snow plow sometimes may dig into the lawn a bit. It will take some of the sod along with it. This leaves an unsightly mess to clean up in the spring for the homeowner.

Alternatives to Destroying Your Lawn

One alternative that many snow plow operators will use is that they will essentially extend the length of the driveway into the road a bit and use this space to store the extra snow. This will only work for some customers depending on the space on the road. Also how far back the city snow plow pushes the snow back off the road.

Another approach is to ask the snow plow company you deal with to use a snow blower mounted on the front of a truck or a tractor. This approach will ensure that all of the snow is blown well away and not create large snow banks.

Finally, when the banks get too high, operators may have to arrange for the snow to be removed and trucked away to a snow dump. This is an expensive proposition and homeowners must be careful just who pays for this service and how it is reflected in your contract.

Regardless of which approach is used, the operator should mark the end of your driveway and also the sides of your driveway with markers to indicate where the edges are. This will help to ensure that the amount of damage is kept to a minimum.

City Removal of Snow Banks

In the writer’s case we have over 10-foot high snow banks in front of our home. The city pushes snow off the street and also the snow plow service that we hired. Fortunately for us the city also comes along halfway through the season and trucks away most of the snow.

Both neighbors beside us as well as across the street have this problem. We are certainly very happy when the city clears the banks of snow away. This avoids any potential flood in the spring when drains are plugged and the snow is melting with nowhere to go for the water. The other reason we are so happy about this is that a narrow street is actually a fire hazard. Since the firetrucks may not be able to get down the street if there is an emergency of some kind. Even parked cars on a narrow street can make it very difficult for these emergency vehicles to move down the street and do their job.

If you are hiring a snow plow service, always obtain a contract that accurately spells out the service you will receive. How often snow will be cleared from your driveway and when it will be cleared. This is the best approach to protect yourself and get the service that you expected.



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