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Snow Blowing ContractAre you about to sign a Snow Blowing Contract for the winter season? What are the terms and conditions on your contract? Is it all one-sided or is there some protection for you? For example what damages are considered and will they reimburse you if there are? If these and other questions are not addressed in the contract, then it is probably one-sided. Most importantly it also pretty much ensures that they will not take responsibility for any damages.

The following is the plainest of plain contracts. Our next post on Dec 21, will layout many of the terms and conditions that should be included. Of course, if you sign a snow blowing contract that only has the following, you are at the mercy of the contractor.

Basic Snow Blowing Contract Information

Contractor Information:

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,
  • Company Name, Full address, phone number, and email information

Customer Information:

  • Consumers name and full address
  • Customer telephone number
  • Email address
  • Date contract issued
  • Contract start date
  • Contract end date
  • Charges, including taxes and total cost
  • Payment terms
  • Client signature area
  • Contractor signature area

There should be a reference to a terms and conditions sheet if there is one. However, not all companies will provide this. It is in their favor not to. As a result, if they do provide terms and conditions, they are usually one-sided. Of course, at least you have some idea of what they will do and not do.

Meanwhile, watch for our next post on the terms and conditions that should be included with a contract for a Snow Blowing.

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