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Snow Blower Summer Time Tune Ups

SnowBlower Summer Time Tune-UpsSnowBlower SummerTime Tune-Ups is one of the best times of the year for many activities. Most people do not give a second thought about their snowblower at this time of year. There is so much else to do and to enjoy. Yet, this is the best time to tune up your snow blower and make any repairs that you may need to make. It is warm, it is comfortable to work and you avoid the rush of everyone else looking for parts.

There is nothing worse than a foot of snow in your driveway, it is -20 C or 0F and your snow blower will not start. What a depressing thought! So folks the next weekend that you do not have anything planned, get out there and take the time to check out your snowblower for the next season.

We have listed a few of the items that should be on your checklist in terms of a tune-up as well as repairs. If you know of others that we missed, please leave a comment and we will be happy to add them to this post.

SnowBlower SummerTime Tune-Ups –  Areas to Pay Attention To

The typical things that you should pay attention to when you are tuning up your snowblower include: Changing the oil, cleaning the spark plug, oiling and greasing all linkages that require lubrication, spraying rust inhibitors to all areas that could rust, checking tire pressure, and checking all linkages to make sure there is no wear and tear that should be tightened up or replaced. All of these things can be accomplished in less than an hour with the oil change taking the most time.

All of these things are straightforward to do and can be done by the average weekend mechanic. Always follow proper safety procedures to avoid accidents and follow the instructions outlined in the manual for basic repairs. Whenever you are working on any engine, including snowblowers and lawnmowers, always disconnect the spark plug before completing any repairs. This is an easy way to prevent accidental starting of the engine and an accident that could cause severe damages.

Check Linkages for Mechanical Wear

Many snow blowers operate using belts to deliver power from the engine to the wheels and to the blower. Depending on the age and the amount of use, these belts will become warn and may cause the performance of the snow thrower to be less than it was when it was new. If you noticed this in the past winter season, check that the belts are tight and not showing signs of wear and stretching.

There is also a friction drive on your snowblower. It is a wheel that presses against another steel wheel that is perpendicular to the drive wheel. The drive wheel is made of a hard rubber material and can be know to become worn as well especially if there is a lot of slippages. You should observe the condition of this wheel each time as well and replace it as necessary.

Check Bushings for Mechanical Wear

The wheels of your snowblower are attached to an axle that turns inside two bushings located on the outside housing of the frame of your snowblower. These bushings are made of brass and over the years will show signs of wear. The axle can become misaligned causing all sorts of problems including causing the wheels to not drive the snowblower forward or in reverse. They are relatively easy to replace.

Also depending on the model, there may be two other shafts that have bearings as well. These are bushings and they tend to wear out as well depending on the age of the snowblower. Parts can be obtained from your local small engine repair shop or from the dealer that you purchased them from. Many people will take their machine in for repairs however a word of caution is necessary.

Repairs tend to cost a great deal depending on the hourly rate and what is wrong with your machine. Always ask for a repair estimate first. Then decide if it is worth doing the repair or purchasing a new machine.

Make your Repairs Now

Don’t procrastinate. Doing repairs in a cold garage is no fun. Taking your machine into a repair shop along with hundreds of others means that you will wait your turn to have your snowblower repaired. In the meantime, you will have to shovel the snow by hand. Or perhaps borrow a neighbors machine. So why not do the repairs now before it gets cold.

SnowBlower SummerTime Tune-Ups – Summary and Your Comments

Summertime is a great time to complete repairs and tune-ups when the weather is comfortable. There are a standard set of things to check. You may only need to change the oil with everything else that you check being in top-notch condition. You will be very satisfied knowing that your snowblower is working fine. Of course, you do not need to make those repairs when it is really cold outside.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on our blog. Note that any spam comments will be erased. For many more details about repair and maintenance topics, click here.


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  1. this makes so much common sense, yet why does my husband not do this. he is out there when it is really cold trying to start his snow blower. he should tune it up when it is warm

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