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John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E

The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E is an excellent choice for most suburban owners who need a relatively small snow thrower that has sufficient power to deal with the snow that collects in your driveway. With John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726Ethe 205 CC engine and the 26 inch clearing width , this snow blower can make short work of clearing snow and at the same time not take too much room in your garage or shed.

This John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E comes with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. It is a friction drive which is more than sufficient for dealing with your snow load. Some people prefer to use chains on the tires. Although we did not see this option, you can probably purchase chains if you have to deal with lots of ice or steep slopes.

There is also a pull chord for manual start as well as 110 V electric start for those who prefer to use a push button start method.

John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E – Specifications:

  • Powerful 4-cycle OHV Briggs & Stratton Snow Series Engine (205cc) with 9.00 ft-lbs gross torque power
  • 26-inch clearing width
  • 3-quart fuel tank
  • 13-inch by 5-inch X-Trac tires

Engine: The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E has a powerful 4-cycle OHV Briggs & Stratton Snow Series Engine (205cc) with 9.00 ft-lbs gross torque power

Transmission: Friction disk drive with 6 forward/2 reverse speeds

Warranty: 2-year consumer warranty, 90-day commercial warranty


  • Push button 110V electric start standard
  • Recoil start with large mitten grip
  • Friction disk drive with 6 forward/2 reverse speeds
  • Aluminized Lo-Tone muffler for reduced noise
  • Pin lock wheel differential system
  • Aluminum gear case
  • Steel auger with notched flighting
  •        New steel dash with tubular handlebars
  • Remote chute rotation with 190-degree turning radius in only 3.5 turns
  • Manual chute deflector
  • Heat-treated, reversible skid shoes
  • Fresh Start® fuel cap standard
  • Includes tool box and clear out brush
  • This product is CARB compliant
  • The John Deere Promise is not available on this product

Description of the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E

There are lots of features available on this snow blower, however some of the important areas that we would like to point out . The fresh start fuel cap is a great way to make sure that your fuel stays fresh especially when your snow thrower is not being used for a long time in the summer. It avoids the gasoline becoming stale and gumming up your carb.  There is also a 180 degree remote chute rotation that allows the operator to direct the snow in any direction to avoid buildings etc.

The auger and impeller are made of steel with the auger having knotched teeth to help cut into snow and ice that may build up on your driveway or snow banks.


Consumers can arrange to pick up the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E in the store or they can arrange for delivery of  the snow blower to your home usually within 5 to 7 days depending on were you live and availability of this model.


Although we did not see any accessories for this snow blower, most snow blowers can accommodate a wind deflectors which protect the operator from the wind and blowing snow.

Online Reviews: We were unable to find any online reviews for the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E, however please leave your comments at the end of this blog if you have used one of these machines.

Safety & Operation

This John Deere snow blower is a powerful machine and should be treated with safety in mind. Carefully read all of the safety guidelines in the manual prior to operating the machine for the first time and follow these guidelines to ensure that both you and the machine do not have an accident.

Prior to starting the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E the first time each day, perform a quick walk around check of the machine to ensure there are no loose parts and no leaking fluids. Check the engine oil to ensure that it is at the correct level as specified by the manual. Top up if necessary. Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cold and prior to using the machine. If you do spill fuel, wait until it has fully evaporated prior to starting the engine. Never spill fuel on a hot engine. Avoid engine fires and always fill the fuel tank outdoors to avoid any possibility of vapors going into your house.

Finally never point the chute in the direction of people, buildings or cars to avoid any possible damage and accidents. Sometimes chunks of ice can be thrown at high speed from the chute. If they hit something, it can cause a lot of damage.


Like all snow blowers or snow throwers, maintenance is important for your machine to operate at a peak level for many years. Change the engine oil regularly, check the belts for tightness, change the spark plug as required and grease any spots outlined in the manual. If you need to leave the snow blower outside all year round, cover the machine with a proper cover to keep it looking new and avoid deterioration of the tires and metal components.

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7 Responses to “John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 726E”

  1. this john deere dual stage snow blower was my 1st snow blower and i thank its great. and i like the Fresh Start® fuel cap .

  2. The chute on my 726e will not stay in the position that I rotate to. If I set it to discharge 90 degrees to the left or right, within a few seconds it moves on its own to about 60 or 70 degrees to the left or right. The machine is about 5 years old.
    Is there a fix for this problem?

  3. Without more detail it is difficult to make a suggestion, however it sounds as if the vibration of the engine is causing the chute to move. there may be loose bolts or missing bolts in the area where the chute is attached to the main body. You may want to investigate this area. Make sure that the engine is off when you are working around the machine.

  4. My John Deere 726 has been slipping while engaged in any gear, so I decided to purchase a new (not sure of technical name) round disc brake with hard rubber around the entire outside of it. I installed the new disc and now the snowblower stays in whatever gear you decide to go in. There is no neutral. It is always hitting the aluminum round disc, instead of doing so when it’s put into gear. What I wondered is if there’s an adjustment for the disc (without the rubber) or any other adjustment I could do to make it right?

  5. I wanted to give a shout out and say I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Can you recommend any other blog that blog
    about the same areas? Appreciated.

  6. Hello, coming out of the right side of the engine by the oil intake, i have 2 cables attached to a plug with 2 intake holes, if that makes sense. It’s just hanging there, i can’t find anything on this online, or in my manual. What odes this thing do, will it run without it being pluged in to whatever.
    Thank you.

  7. It’s to add a light and should run fine without it

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