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Rooftop Snow Removal

Rooftop Snow RemovalAll home owners need to monitor the snow load on their roof tops during the wintertime. As you can see from this picture this particular roof is in urgent need of rooftop snow removal. It is needed to prevent the roof from caving in and causing huge damage to the home and the contents. Snow can be very heavy as it builds upon someone’s roof. However, the snowmelt or even rain that falls on a roof loaded with snow can dramatically increase the weight on the roof.  In addition, ice jams can form and then cause water leaks. Which can also do a lot of damage to the walls and interior contents of the home.

Heavy Snow Loads on a Roof Nee Rooftop Snow Removal

Heavy snows that are not accompanied by a lot of wind usually allow the snow to build upon the roof quite quickly. When heavy snowfalls, it is not uncommon for several feet of snow to be added to the snow load on a roof. This type of snow is not that heavy and the roof can usually support this lighter snow that accumulates on the roof. As the sun melts the snow, the water has nowhere to go but down deeper into the snow, and then it re-freezes. The new snow that falls adds to the increasing snow load and if another heavy snowfalls, the roof can begin to show signs of stress.

Often there will also be a spring thaw in the middle of winter with rain sometimes falling during a short period. All of the water from the rain is absorbed by the snow and adds quickly to the overall snow load. Accumulations of snow and rain can dramatically add to the snow load on a roof contributing to the increase in weight on the roof.

Signs of Roof Stress from Rooftop Snow Load

Sometimes the signs of stress on a roof are difficult to see. Most homes are finished inside and the homeowner cannot see signs of stress until something drastic occurs. If you suddenly see cracks in the walls or the walls are beginning to bulge out, then there is definitely something wrong. Another sign is the roof beams. If you can see these beams or get access to the attic, take a look at their status. If they are bending in any direction and you have a heavy snow load on the roof, chances are that they are getting near the point where you should really arrange for rooftop snow removal.

Rooftop Snow Removal

If you have a relatively flat roof and feel safe getting onto the roof, homeowners can get up on the roof to shovel off the snow. Take care not to damage the shingles. Since they are quite stiff and brittle in the cold. Sometimes just walking on them can crack the shingles leading to future leaks. Remove as much snow as you can. Shoveling it on to the ground as far away from the house foundation as you can.

Alternatively, you can use what is called a snow rake. Which is a scraper on the end of a long pole. This allows the homeowner to stand on the ground. They use the long pole to reach up onto the roof to pull the snow off of the roof. This is an excellent way to remove the snow in a safe manner. Since no one needs to go up on the roof. It may take longer to remove the snow this way. Your arms are going to get tired. However compared to going up on a roof with a steep slope, it is much safer for all concerned.

Hire Someone to Remove the Snow

If in doubt about the snow load on your roof, just have someone remove the snow for you and avoid any problems. Many consumers are not comfortable removing snow from a roof. They are afraid of falling and should always hire someone for rooftop snow removal. It may cost a few dollars, however, compared to the potential damage that could be caused by a cave-in of your roof or worse falling off a roof and damaging yourself seriously in some manner, there really is no decision to be made. Hire someone to remove that snow from your rooftop before it is too late.

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