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Honda Snow Blower HS928WAS

Honda Snow Blower HS928WASThe Honda snow blower  model HS928WAS is one step down from the TA models. For instance, it has tires instead of the trac drive treads. Other than that it seems to have all of the regular features that Honda snow blowers are known for. This includes an electric starter(you need to plug it into a wall outlet in your garage). Also, the hydrostatic transmission provides an infinitely variable speed transmission independent of the auger/impeller speed.  As a result, this is a great snowblower to consider.

It also has the regular pull chord start if you do not need to use the electric start or do not have an electrical outlet close by. They are easy to start with the pull chord, with the auto decompression capability that is built-in.

Consumers and commercial users will appreciate the 3-year warranty that comes with this model of a snowblower. They understand that commercial users will use these machines much more than consumers. However, the warranty will support this sort of daily use.

Honda Snow Blower HS928WAS Specifications:

  • Engine Honda GX270
  • Displacement 270cc
  • Starting System Electric/Recoil
  • Fuel capacity 1.32 gal
  • Drive Mechanism Hydrostatic, Infinitely variable
  • Clutch type Hydrostatic
  • Wheel / Track Wheel
  • Stages 2
  • Chute Turning Radius 210º
  • Clearing Width 28″
  • Clearing Height 20.1″
  • Discharge Distance 49 ft.
  • Tons per Hour (max) 50
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.7″ x 28.5″ x 43.9″
  • Dry Weight 220.0 lbs


  • Engine Honda GX270
  • Displacement 270cc


  • Drive Mechanism Hydrostatic, Infinitely variable
  • Clutch type Hydrostatic


  • Residential Warranty 3 years
  • In addition a Commercial Warranty 3 years


  • Powerful, easy to start Honda engine
  • 120-Volt electric start
  • Pick the right speed for you – self-propelled, infinitely variable speed control hydrostatic drivetrain.
  • Clears up to 50 tons per hour!
  • Reversible two-position skid shoes for long life
  • Easy to adjust snow deflection – remote control chute on our two-stage blowers is easily adjustable, with up to 210 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of elevation.
  • Convenient control levers
  • Ice-breaking serrated auger
  • Auger drive is equipped with easily replaceable shear bolts.
  • Durable 2-ply tires
  • Designed to prevent icing – An icing guard is built into the engine.
  • Quieter operation
  • Exceptional throwing distance
  • 28″ clearing width, 20″ clearing height
  • Standard work light
  • Easy to use interlocking drive/auger control
  • “Glove friendly” fuel cap
  • Automatic decompression for easy starting
  • Metal auger housing
  • 3 year residential/commercial warranty
  • 3 year residential/commercial warranty

Description of the Honda Snow Blower HS928WAS

This snow blower comes with a quiet operation engine muffler. In addition, it has de-icing capability that protects the engine from snow and ice accumulating on the engine and on moving parts on the carburetor.

Easy start pull chord, automatic decompression of the engine to enable starting by pulling the chord are among the features that come with Honda snow blowers. They also allow one-handed control while the other hand is used to adjust snow throwing direction. In addition even the forward speed of the snowblower. Note that as you adjust the forwards speed the speed of the auger and impeller does not change.

Subsequently, we mentioned earlier this snow blower comes with double-ply tires instead of the tracks on other snow blowers from Honda.

For information about delivery methods for your snowblower check out our website. In addition to accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation and maintenance information, go to our page General Snow Blower Information, to read more about these topics.

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