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Quick Start Guide – Snow Thrower

Quick Start Guide - Snow ThrowerWhether you refer to the machine in the picture as a snow thrower or a snow blower, it is all the same when it comes to developing a Quick Start Guide – Snow Thrower for these machines. We have put together a quick start guide – a snow thrower list of tips for making sure that you can always start your snow thrower easily and also use one of these machines safely. They are powerful and have exposed moving parts that can easily damage something or a person. Pay them some respect and they will move mountains of snow for you for many years.

Quick Start Guide – Snow Thrower – Tips

  • Use fresh gasoline and never allow gasoline to sit in the gas tank for an extended period of time
  • Use gas stabilizer to keep the gasoline fresh for longer periods and to also avoid gumming up the fuel system
  • Change the oil at least once every season and more often if your machine is on the go every day, perhaps as often as once a month or every 50 hours of operation
  • Clean and re-gap the spark plug annually and/or change it once every two years
  • Make sure that there is a solid connection from the spark plug wire to the spark plug
  • Start the engine every month to keep the fuel moving and to avoid gumming up from stagnant fuel sitting in fuel lines
  • Read and follow all safety guidelines before doing any maintenance on these machines.

Quick Start Guide – Snow Thrower – Safety

  • Read all of the safety instructions on the snow thrower and in the owner’s manual.
  • Use hearing protection and safety glasses whenever you are working or operating one of these machines
  • Wear excellent grip footwear so you don’t slip.
  • Heavy snow may require that you clear the snow more often or that you only take half a swath on each pass to avoid overloading the snow thrower
  • Clear your driveway of rocks, and sticks, every year before each snowfall.
  • Clean out the area around the blades and impeller removing all snow. Make sure that the engine is turned off before you attempt this.

Have fun with your snow thrower and remember to do all of the maintenance work before it gets really cold and unpleasant.

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