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Plowing ServicesIf you are in need of plowing services it probably means that you have a driveway like the one in this picture shown on the left. It is much too long for a regular snow blower. It is probably too expensive to buy your own truck with a front end blade. Or perhaps a tractor with an attached snow blower.

The next best thing is to hire a company that provides plowing services throughout the winter. A company that can be depended upon to clear your driveway after each snowfall. As well as each time the city snow plow clears the road. They tend to leave a large amount of snow at the end your driveway blocking your way. Sometimes the amount of snow left at the end of your driveway by the city snow plow can be so large that you cannot get your car through it. Make sure that you have a plowing services company that will be around promptly to clear your driveway.

Hiring Plowing Services

When you hire a company to keep your long driveway clear of snow, there are a number of contract-related issues to keep in mind aside from the price. The price is important. But so are the details of the contract that cover things such as how often they will clear your driveway. How much snow needs to fall before they show up. Also whether they will come back to clear the entrance after the city snow plow has passed by. Some companies will arrange to follow the city snow plow operators to clear the snow and avoid having to come back a second time to clear snow from the end of the driveway. This can also mean that your driveway is not cleared until later in the day when the city snow plow operator comes by.

These items should be clearly stated in the contract and if you are not satisfied with the stated level of service the time to negotiate them is before you sign the contract and especially before you pay any money to the snow plow company. Most are quite accommodating, but never the less you need to clarify these details before you sign.

Recommendations for Plowing Services

Consumers should also consider asking for and following up with recommendations from other customers. These might be customers provided by the company. They might be neighbors who use a company and are satisfied with their service. This can be an excellent way to make sure that you are getting the best service. Also the best deal for your money. Either way, examine the details. Negotiate the details before you sign and before you pay any money. Once you have paid them and once you have signed the contract, it is too late to negotiate any details.

We know consumers who have been forced to renegotiate their contracts because they wanted added services. They ended up paying more money for the service they are receiving. They might have saved themselves some funds if they had fully negotiated all services at the time of the initial negotiation.

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