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Landscape RemovalLandscape removal may seem like an odd post to be included on a site dedicated to reviewing all things about snow removal, but there is a reason for this unusual title.  Consider that you have hired someone to clear the snow from your driveway. They are using a truck and a blade much like the one shown in this picture. They might also use snow blowers, or tractors with blades. Or perhaps large blowers mounted on the front of the tractor.

Basically they will run the blade up and down your driveway to clear the snow away which is fine. Many contractors all over Canada and the United States use this type of technology. The problem comes when they are not careful about the edges of your driveway. They may scrape either some of your lawn or worse some of your landscaping as well. It ends up being pushed further onto your lawn. They leave an unsightly mess in the spring which you will need to repair. Or request that they make the repairs.

How Can You Prevent Landscape Removal

If you are concerned about this sort of issue when you hire someone to clear the snow from your driveway the solution is actually quite easy. Either do it yourself, hire someone else that does not use a blade or stick markers along the edge of your driveway. They will indicate where the edge is and where the landscaping starts.

Steel markers can be purchased with round red reflectors at the top that are easy to see. They indicate clearly where the edge of the driveway is or where your landscaping begins. Either way, you should not have to make any repairs in the spring. If the snow plow driver abides by these markers your landscaping will be in good shape.

Many companies will provide markers and place then at the edges of the driveway on either side to make the driveway. This is also advertising for them as well since their phone number and company name will be prominently displayed. it is to your advantage to have these markers in place other wise there is almost a certainty that your lawn at the edges of your driveway are going to be damaged.

For some people this may seem to be a minor issue, however if you have expensive landscaping along your driveway with flower beds etc, you certainly do not want them damaged in any way. Use the markers to indicate where the landscaping begins and avoid any chance of Landscape Removal.

Landscape Removal Companies

These same companies also provide landscaping services in the summer time. In fact I spoke to one owner just recently and this is exactly what he does. During the winter he is clearing snow and in the summer he is working on landscape projects, sometimes for the same customers that he removes snow for in the winter time. It is a good business for him since it provides time off for him and his crew during the fall and spring and also provides work for just about the entire year.  There is also a lot of equipment and he keeps it running all of the time to make money.

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