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Low Priced Snow Throwers

Low Priced Snow ThrowersOur last post compared a high priced snow thrower at $2500 with one that was priced at $1400. This post compares our $1400 model with one that costs only $650 Canadian. Note that sales tax is extra for all of these prices. Our Low Priced Snow Throwers are shown in the picture on the left. It is a Troy-Blt 208 cc, single stage machine. This is the major difference between both of the machines we previously compared. A single stage machine does not have an impeller to drive the snow pulled in by the auger out the shoot. Instead the auger turns at a higher speed and blows the snow out the shoot. It is also only 21 inches wide compared to the 28-inch machine and has a 208 cc engine vs a 277 cc engine.

The lack of power and single stage really means that these types of machines are only suitable for light snow conditions. Any time you run into heavy wet snow or snow with lots of ice in it, you may find that this small machine will just not do the job.

Low Priced Snow Throwers – Other Considerations

We have compared a Troy-Blt 277 cc 28 inch dual stage snow thrower with a smaller 208 cc 21 inch single stage snow thrower  machine and a monster Troy-Blt 4200 cc machine dual stage machine with two additional tires and capability to deal with just about any kind of snow condition.

If you have light snow conditions, then the small 208 cc snow thrower will be fine as long as you are prepared to shovel, rely on a friendly neighbor, or hire someone to clear the snow when heavy wet snow falls. Storage can be an issue. The Troy-Blt 208cc snow thrower can actually be hung on the wall with suitable support.

All snow throwers in this case sold by Canadian Tire in Canada come with a 4-year warranty. Your choice of snow thrower aside from price really comes down to how much snow you have to deal with each year. Also whether you are prepared with a backup plan.

 Low Priced Snow Throwers РDealing with Ice

These machines are just not set up to handle any amounts of ice. Often the city snow plow will clear the streets. As a result this means a large drift at the end of your driveway. This kind of snow is usually hard packed. It is even difficult even for some of the larger snow throwers to deal with. Let alone these smaller single stage machines. They simply cannot handle it and you are left to shovel the snow yourself or relay on a neighbor.

Another situation is when there is lots of slushy snow that are pushed off the road by the city snow plow. You do not get to it quickly and it begins to freeze. In this situation, these small snow throwers cannot chop up the ice and they cannot remove it from your driveway. If you encounter either of these conditions, don’t bother purchasing one of these small machines. They are suitable for sidewalks and as we said earlier light snow conditions.

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