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High Priced Snow Thrower

snow throwerSnow thrower or snow blowers depending on what you call them come in different sizes and capabilities as well as the price varies a great deal. For example, the one shown in this picture is a Troy Built 420 cc, 45 inch snow thrower, and costs $2500 in Canada. A smaller machine, also Troy built costs $1400, almost half the price, and comes with fewer capabilities. We were wondering what the major differences are and why would you spend another $1100 to purchase the more expensive machine? When would you need a larger machine to clear snow, where would you store it, are they difficult to handle?

They both have 6 forward gears and two reverse gears, but the larger machine has four tires while the smaller one has only two tires. Speaking of size, and size matters in this case, you have to compare several different characteristics to full appreciate the differences. The engine is 420 cc vs, 277 cc, the weight is 461 pounds vs. 235 pounds and the clearing width is 45 inches vs 28 inches on the smaller machine. If you are going to clear a 45 inch wide path at one time, then you need more power and more weight to clear this kind of snow which the Troy-Blt 420 cc machine delivers.

High Priced Snow Thrower – Other Differences

On the Troy-Blt 420 cc machine, the clearing height is 22 inches, while on the smaller machine it is 21 inches.  A remote tilt and chute direction crank complete the major differences.  The real difference and what you are paying for really comes down to clearing width, power and ability to finish a larger area that much more quickly.  Consumers with long driveways or large parking lots will appreciate the size and power when it comes to clearing snow. Another factor consumers need to consider is the width of the machine and where you are going to store it.


Most people have a one or two-car garage. You may or may not have the room to store a 45 inch wide machine. A 28 inch machine, although only 17 inches different can make a huge difference when storing these machines. If you are thinking of storing it outside, the machine will not last nearly as long unless you protect it from the weather somehow. Before purchasing a snow thrower, give some thought regarding about where you will keep it when not in use.

Most consumers with short driveways and only one or two car widths will do just fine with the 28 inch machine. Having used both machine widths, I can definitely say that if you can afford it and have a place to store it the wider more powerful snow thrower is the way to go. Anytime you have a really long driveway or a large parking area to clear, the larger machine will allow you to remove the snow much more quickly. If time is important and it is to most people, then a larger snow thrower is something you may want to consider.

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